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Meet The Ez Texting Team

The Team In The US

Shane Neman / CEO

Shane Neman is the CEO of Ez Texting. He grew up in New York, earned his degree in Computer Science at NYU, and has been building businesses in New York since he graduated. Ten years ago he cofounded JoonBug Productions, which was one of the earliest digital marketing platforms for events.


Shane Neman

Allison DeCanio / COO

Allison has been with Ez Texting since 2008. She has always worn many hats here, but has worked her way up in the company. She started out as a sales assistant, then became the Director of Sales, and is now the COO. Allison is a huge foodie, so she tries to enjoy all of the great restaurants New York City has to offer. She also volunteers for a number of animal rescue groups and shelters.

Allison DeCanio

Evan Coury / Lead Developer

Evan is a Zend Certified Engineer for PHP 5.3 and Zend Framework as well as a regular speaker at developer conferences around the world. He's worked on and led many large-scale web development projects to success. When not in front of a computer, Evan enjoys being outdoors with his two border collies and anything to do with aviation.


Evan Coury

Albert Cann / Client Success Director

Originally from St. Louis, Albert moved to NYC in 2010 and has been thriving off the city’s vibe ever since then. International Business and Marketing by trade — Awesome by nature, Albert brings a unique perspective to marketing making him a perfect fit for our Lead Client Success Manager. If there’s a campaign you want to run, he can help you do it. Prior to Ez Texting, Albert thrived on spreadsheets in the world of aerospace supply chain management.


Albert Cann

Dmitri Cuvircencov / Software Engineer

Dmitri has worked with many technologies from Node.js to Java. He's an early adaptor of new technologies and always looks and trys new ones. He loves to build cool, useful products. His interests include startups, high-tech industry, ultimate frisbee and podcasting.


Dmitri Cuvircencov

Vadim Kostikov / Systems Administrator Intern

Vadim joined Ez Texting in December 2011. He specializes in UNIX/Linux based systems. He is responsible for helping our team maintain, support and configure our systems, ensuring everything works properly. Vadim constantly seeks to improve his skills and knowledge.

Vadim Kostikov

Josh Lange / Client Success Manager

Josh got his Midwestern charm from his hometown in Michigan, but has the work ethic of a New Yorker.  Truly a Jack (or Josh) of all trades, he believes communication is the key to business and life. In his free time Josh likes to play guitar, watch hockey and eat obscene amounts of Mexican food (sometimes all at once).

Josh Lange

Elias Mendoza / Client Success Manager

He's originally from Middletown, N.Y., about 70 miles northwest of New York City. He studied international business and economics at Brockport College, near Rochester, N.Y. Before joining Ez Texting, he worked for a startup online marketplace, as a sales and customer service agent. Elias enjoys cooking and grilling, sports (especially rugby), startups, playing music, toying with high-tech gadgets, and is an avid gamer. His favorite shows are "The Office" and "Sons of Anarchy."

Elias Mendoza

Michael Pagidas | Client Success Manager

Michael Pagidas, a native New Yorker, is a graduate of Trinity College where he earned his MBA. He has spent 20+ years in customer service, 16 of those years on Wall Street. He joined the Joonbug/Ez Texting team originally in 2005. He enjoyed working so much with our team that he rejoined us again full time in 2012, after taking time to teach.  Michael’s motto toward customer service is – There are NO problems, just situations that can always be rectified.


Michael Pagidas

The Team In Kiev

Vasyl Shumskyi / Lead Systems Administrator

Vasyl joined the Ez Texting team as system admin in 2010. He was born in Lviv / Ukraine and graduated Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in 2010 with a Masters Degree in Computer Science. His tech interests are high load systems and open source projects. Vasyl loves abstract art, experimental music and art-house movies.

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Vasyl Shumskyi

Ilya Permyakov / Lead Developer

Ilya joined the Ez Texting development team in 2012. He has strong skills in software engineering and writing scalable web applications. He's interested in sports, sci-fi books and movies, video games, dance music, gadgets, traveling and cooking. He is a really nice guy, please believe us :)


Ilya Permyakov

Pasha Prokofiev / Senior Software Engineer

Pasha Prokofiev is a Senior Software Engineer at Ez Texting.
He graduated Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in 2007 with a Computer Science degree. He has experience in web development and building and supporting web platforms using LAMP/LAPP. Pasha likes reading, mathematics and watching snooker.

Pasha Prokofiev

Yuri Brunets / Software Engineer

Yuri Brunets is an energetic and lucky guy who enjoys doing fun stuff and making people happy. He likes reading, traveling, driving, having great adventures and dreaming. Ever since childhood he has loved exploring how things work. Yuri is particularly interested in technology and how it influences people's lives.


Yuri Brunets

Anna Shypovych / Software Engineer

Anna is a Software Engineer at Ez Texting. She got her bachelor degree in Computer Science at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in 2011. She is an easy going and open minded person. Anna likes traveling, meeting with new people, and tries to get everything out of life.

Anna Shypovych

Igor Koval / Software Engineer

Igor is from Chernivtci, West Ukraine, where people are friendly and open minded. He enjoys programming, obtaining new knowledge and reading technical books. He's also interested in sport and motorbikes.

Igor Koval

Oleksandr Kunytsia / Systems Administrator

Oleksandr Kunytsia is a System Administrator at Ez Texting. "Nice Young man with sparkling eyes and a welcoming personality," is written on Oleksandr's CouchSurfing profile. Besides traveling and welcoming people on CouchSurfing and PostCrossing he is keen on Localization and has already done some Ukrainian translation for FreeBSD and other open-source projects.

Couch Surfing

Oleksandr Kunytsia

Oleksandr Boyko / Systems Administrator

Born in Southern Ukriane, Oleksandr studied at the National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute', under the faculty of Aviation and Space Systems. He is experienced in Linux/UNIX, open source software, networking and high load web hosting. He enjoy building stable, slim harmonic systems. His hobbies include reading popular books about Life, the Universe and Everything, seeking a fundamental understanding of the origin of the human mind and surrounding reality. He’s also interested in aircrafts, space exploration, bike racing and travelling throughout Ukraine.


Oleksandr Boyko