Go multimedia by adding video and image to your mobile marketing campaigns. Call your contacts with voice broadcast messages

The Ez Texting Getting Started Kit

New to SMS Marketing? No problem. We designed Ez Texting to be easy to use, but more powerful than any SMS marketing platform around.

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Take A Guided Tour

Follow some screenshots of our most popular features. In about 3 minutes you'll learn about the basics of how to use Ez Texting. When you're done, you'll be ready to build your first campaign.
Getting Started Tour

Watch Training Videos

If you're looking for videos, we've got two options. First, we have a quick 5 minute overview of all of Ez Texting's key features. We also have a growing set of feature specific training videos. Ready to learn? Watch our videos now.
Upload and insert click-trackable images for multimedia messaging without the headaches of MMS

In Depth Guides

If you've already checked out the general Getting Started Guide but couldn't find the info you were looking for, then these in depth guides might help:
· Uploading Contacts
· All About Keywords
· Adding The Facebook Widget
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Join A Webinar

Every other week one of our SMS Marketing experts hosts a free webinar that covers all the basics of launching text message campaigns using Ez Texting. Interested? See when the next webinar is scheduled for.
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FAQ / KnowledgeBase

While we do our best to make things as straight-forward as possible here, there are some common questions that come up - and you can find answers over at the FAQ. Want to read about a specific Ez Texting feature? Search or browse through the Knowledgebase
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Use The SMS Marketing Resource Center

New to SMS Marketing? We've helped tens of thousands of businesses get started with SMS Marketing. Want to see what we've learned over the past six years? Our Resource Center has the information you need to start building text message marketing campaigns like a pro.
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Read Case Studies

Want to see how other Ez Texting clients have already used text messaging to boost marketing ROI, drive social media engagement and foster communication amongst group members? We've got case studies for every business or group.
Read our SMS Marketing Case Studies

Promote Your Keyword With Free Flyer & Table Tent Templates

One of the greatest things about Keywordsis that they allow your customers to join your text messaging list wherever they are. If your business has a physical presence or you advertise in print, we've got some templates you can use to build great offline marketing materials.
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