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CallFire Acquires FireText

Dec 4, 2014

Santa Monica-based CallFire, Ez Texting's parent company, is expanding its footprint into the UK and Europe via the acquisition of FireText.

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EZ Texting Launches Free and EZ Service

Sept 3, 2014

Ez Texting, the SMS marketing company that provides an easy, affordable way for organizations to market and communicate via mobile, today announced the release of a new free product for all businesses, Free & Ez.

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How to Increase Sales With SMS Text Messaging

CIO Jan 31 2013

With more than 320 million wireless subscribers in the United States, you're missing a lot of customers if you aren't using SMS text message marketing. Here's a primer on how to build a list, send and respond to SMS texts, and write messages that will get customers' attention.

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13 Days With A Feature Phone

Mobile Marketer Oct 10 2012

In our industry we have taken to calling non-smartphones feature phones or, derisively, dumbphones. The truth probably lies somewhere in between, but that is not the point. Fifty percent of Americans still use these old fashioned mobile phones – devices that make calls, send text messages and, yes, download expensive ringtones.

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Short and Sweet: Text Marketing

E-Commerce Times Jun 9 2012

One key to the success of text marketing is that it lets businesses home in on a target audience ready-made for their message, since by law people need to opt-in for most text marketing.The best way to get people to sign up, according to Josh Malin, chief marketing officer for Ez Texting, is to offer them something in return -- like a coupon for a free slice of pizza at a pizzeria. "You want to give your customers an incentive to sign up," Malin told the E-Commerce Times.

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DoesWhat Interview with Ez Texting CEO, Shane Neman

May 8 2012

DoesWhat interviews startup founders and CEOs; they recently interviewed Shane Neman.

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Ez Texting & Zabbix SIA Renew Text Message Monitoring Partnership

Jan 9 2012

Ez Texting, an industry leading text messaging platform, and Zabbix SIA, a software developer company, have renewed their successful partnership, which provides easy to implement SMS-based server monitoring alerts.

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Constant Contact Expert Voices Podcast With Ez Texting's Shane Neman

Constant Contact Jul 2011

Episode 08 
Using Text Marketing To Grow Your Business

Shane Neman of Ez Texting talks about how small businesses and nonprofits can use text marketing to interact with their on-the-go audiences.

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Opt-In Text Marketing - What's Not to Love?

E-Commerce Times Jul 20 2011

Let's face it, texting is ubiquitous. A constant stream of information comes and goes through our phones. Harnessing the power of this medium to reach customers is the goal of a whole new breed of mobile marketers.

"If you want to reach everyone, text messaging is the only way to do that," Josh Malin, marketing director with Ez Texting, explained to the E-Commerce Times. Marketing, after all, is about being where customers are -- and increasingly, customers can be found looking at their smartphones.

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Congressional vote may upend Net Neutrality

Mobile Marketer Feb 16th 2011

When the Federal Communications Commission issued its Network Neutrality ruling in December, the agency declared mobile data providers exempt from that principle. But apparently this was not enough for some parties.

Verizon Wireless and MetroPCS promptly sued the FCC in an attempt to force a repeal of the fresh regulations. The FCC responded, noting that regulations need to be published in the Federal Register before they can be challenged. The opponents of Net Neutrality clearly are not trigger-shy.

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Saddleback builds sense of community with mobile

Mobile Marketer August 27th 2010

The Church first began mobile marketing via SMS. The church used SMS to poll audiences. This was a means of building a sense of community. However, Saddleback also used the answers it got to segment its audience.

Consumers were asked to text SADDLEBACK to 313131.

Consumers that participated in the polls were asked a question, which they replied to with three possible answers. They were then asked to provide their email address.

Saddleback Church was able to send emails to participants based on their poll responses. There were three variations of the email communication; one for each of the possible poll answers.

“So many people responded that EZ Texting’s servers were almost shut down,” said Shane Neman, CEO of EZ Texting, New York.

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SMS Case Study - Viking Cooking School

Mobile Marketer July 21st 2010

"We have found that our text customers want more than just class promotions," said Vicki Willoughby, manager of public relations and marketing at Viking Cooking School, Ridgeland, MS. "They want discount offers, shopping/cooking tips, Web site links to recipes and upcoming culinary events in the area.

"We have tried to expand from the original concept of promoting classes to include everything culinary," she said.

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Ez Texting Presents At 12 Hours Of Tech During NY Internet Week 2010

June 11, 2010

12 Hours of Tech, produced by will be held today at the Microsoft NY offices as part of Internet Week NY 2010. Ez Texting, an SMS Marketing service provider with over 50,000 clients is proud to present at this exciting event.

Shane Neman, President and CEO of Ez Texting, will talk about how small businesses can affordably use SMS marketing to increase profits and productivity. Mobile phones are ubiquitous, and most people know how to send a text message. In fact, Americans sent over one trillion text messages last year. Businesses spent an estimated $3 billion dollars on mobile marketing in 2009 – and the number is expected to grow dramatically this year. Shane Neman will explain how small businesses with any budget can reach their customers in the same way that the largest brands in the country do.

Missed the event? Watch a video of Shane's Presentation.

Text For Business

Restaurant Briefing (American Express) - May/June 2010

In the growing arena of marketing to mobile devices (primarily phones, including smart phones such as the Blackberry and the iPhone), text (or SMS) marketing stands out as an efficient and cost-effective point of entry, well within the grasp of even small businesses. “The place to start with mobile marketing is definitely texting,” says Amy Baglan, VP, EzTexting, a simple, affordable texting service used by a variety of industries, including restaurants. “One of the great things for restaurants is that it’s immediate. If you have excess product or empty seats, you can send a text with a special offer to your list and drive traffic within an hour.”

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The Best of the Small Business Technology Summit

Small Business - Mar 24, 2010

Back in the beautiful Live Free or Die state after attending the 2010 Small Business Summit earlier this week. This is a fantastic event coordinated by Ramon Ray and Marian Banker, and held at the Digital Sandbox in the financial district in New York. Whether due to Ramon and team’s hard work and great marketing, or a glimmer of hope for an economic recovery, attendance was up over last year. More than 500 attendees turned out and as usual, Ramon energized the crowd and a great networking experience was had by all.

As I’d done in 2009, I wanted to compare our Top 10 SMB Technology Market Predictions with what I was hearing at this event as a reality check on our musings. But as a duo, Sanjeev and I had 13 predictions for 2010—as compared to the measly five I’d put together on my own in 2009. So I’ve selected the 2010 predictions that we made that I saw most in evidence at the event.

Ez Texting Wins Hot Tech Demo Award At The 2010 Small Business Summit

Mar 16, 2010

We're pleased to announce that Ez Texting won a hot tech demo award at the 5th Annual Small Business Summit last week! Joshua Malin, Ez Texting’s Internet Marketing Director joined Ramon Ray, Co-Producer of the Summit, Editor & Technology Evangelist of, on stage to demo Ez Texting’s SMS Marketing service to the 500 summit attendees. “Hundreds of attendees learned how to deploy SMS marketing campaigns first-hand,” says Ramon Ray. “Everyone pulled out their mobile phones and texted SB2010 to 313131. Small businesses saw how easy and affordable Ez Texting makes SMS Marketing.”

Duct Tape Marketing's Mobile Marketing For Small Business Webinar

Duct Tape Marketing - Feb 18, 2010

Our CEO, Shane Neman was one of three featured participants in Duct Tape Marketing's webinar, Mobile Marketing for small business:

As mobile devices evolve to powerful hand held computers, smart marketers are embracing this evolution with mobile centric marketing initiatives.

Everything about your marketing online and offline must begin to consider that entire market segments use the mobile device to find everything from food to legal services locally and abroad.

This page contains the video archive of a live panel discussion on the basics mobile marketing for small business as well as wealth of mobile marketing related resouces.

Watch the video of the webinar and check out a host of valuable resources at Duct Tape Marketing.

Chicago-based housing developer cuts costs via SMS

Mobile Marketer - May 22, 2009

UAS Properties, a housing development company recently used mobile to save company costs and provide a quicker, simpler way to stay in touch with tenants and perspective renters.The company was founded in 2001 based in Chicago. UAS hopes to provide affordable housing through development and renovation in Chicago and surrounding communities.

“Text messaging is a cheaper and more efficient way to reach a lot of people,” said Atukwe Newell, managing partner at UAS Properties, Chicago, IL. “We use EZ Texting in both our leasing business and our property management business.

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Mobile Marketing Is On The Hospitality Horizon

New England Hotel Magazine - Jan / Feb 2009

Mohegan Sun, in Uncasville, Conn., began using mobile marketing this past fall for their nightclub, Ultra 88.

The type of direct marketing or “push campaign” that Mohegan Sun is using is classified as “acquisition” marketing, because the purpose is to “acquire” new customers or entice previous customers to return. According to Shane Neman, president of New York City-based Ez Texting, which is providing the service to Mohegan Sun, entertainment venues started using texting in 2006.

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Text messages used to lure restaurant patrons on LI

Newsday - Feb 23, 2009

Four Food Studio & Cocktail Salon in Melville asks customers to join their list of "valued guests" and provide their phone numbers used for making reservations along with their e-mail addresses. Promising "no spam," the restaurant wants to inform guests about special events - and those who sign up may win a free lunch.

Customers who don't want to get a text message can opt to be removed from the list, he said.

Amy Baglan, vice president of Ez Texting, the Manhattan company that Four Food Studio uses, said, "We have a very strict anti-spam policy."

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Networks Faced Test In Capital

Investors Daily - Jan 20, 2009

Expect more texting with Obama, an avid BlackBerry user, in the Oval Office. His team likes to text supporters. What he and his team are doing is "taking what the big boys — Pepsi, Coke and all those — are doing with mobile marketing" and applying that to the presidency, said Shane Neman, chief executive at business text messaging provider

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Wireless companies brace for D.C. overload

Boston Herald - Jan 20, 2009

“The minute he takes his oath, it’s going to be like a New Year’s Eve," said Shane Neman, who runs, a text marketing company. “There’s going to be millions, possibly billions of texts going on at one time.?

The crush of cell calls and texts expected today is not that surprising given Obama’s technology savvy campaign, he said.

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The Inauguration Will Be Televised…& Facebooked, & Twittered, & Texted

Discover Magazine - Jan 20, 2009

In a little under a half hour, Barack Obama will officially take his place as the country’s next POTUS. And while the event will be brimming with historic firsts for the country, the coverage contains plenty of firsts for the integration of technology, politics, and major events.

Text messaging the event is rampant as well, to the point where the CEO of Shane Neman issued a press release saying he believes millions of text messages will be lost, on the level of New Year’s Eve.

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Detouring Around Inaugural Phone Jams

NY Times - Jan 19, 2009

With about two million people expected at the inauguration Tuesday, attendees can expect cellphone traffic jams. When too many calls try to fit on limited bandwidth, calls and messages get dropped (more on that here). Some texts never make it to their destinations or make it hours – even weeks – late.

In the future, if you are dead s et on sending a mass text or e-mail blast during a big event (say, New Year’s Eve), you can prepare an address list ahead of time and hire a bulk messaging service to relay a message for you. Companies like or Clickatell charge 2 to 5 cents a message.

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Jeremy Piven offered $1 million spokesman deal from texting company

TV Examiner - Jan 16, 2009, a SMS text messaging company, said on Friday that is is offering actor Jeremy Piven $1 million to become its new corporate spokesperson.

In a press release announcing the offer, the company noted that "Last week, Jeremy Piven proved that text messaging is a pop culture staple by sending a mass late-night “booty call? to a group of attractive females, offering a hot date to the first respondent. Piven’s mass text was undoubtedly successful, purportedly landing him a new girlfriend – 23-year-old model Ashley Chontos."

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Stand Out: A Simple Text Message Can Lead to Big Profits

Smart Money - Jan 12, 2009

SMALL-BUSINESS OWNERS, what are you doing to stand out from the crowd? Each week, we focus on an entrepreneur who has lessons to share that we think will resonate with other small-business owners.

Shane Neman, founder of mobile marketing service Ez Texting, answers our questions:

What are you doing to stand out from the crowd?

A few years ago, the term “mobile marketing? was a concept far too esoteric and technical for businesses to grasp, let alone attempt to implement in-house. Ez Texting offers a web-based mobile text messaging platform for businesses.

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