The Best Mass Text Message App Looks Like This

EZ Texting is the best tool for SMS text marketing. Learn the qualities and features of the best mass text message app available on the market for businesses or any organization to increase users and boost engagement with SMS text marketing.

The Best Mass Text Message App Has These Qualities and Features

A mass text message app is a brower-based software application used to send SMS text messages to large groups of people simultaneously. It is used as an efficient marketing tool. providing an effective way of being heard above other forms of direct marketing.

Ease of Use


If we could only use one consideration to base our mass text message app decision on, it would be ease of use. If the app is confusing, you'll waste a lot of time, make mistakes, and eventually quit using it.


Text messaging is a simple communications channel and your text messaging app should be simple as well. Other than selecting the right group of contacts to send your message to, there is no complicated demographic targeting to implement. There are no algorithms to outsmart and no third party filters to get through. You just type in a short message and hit send. It shouldn't be difficult.


We've put a lot of effort into making our app easy to use over the last decade, and our customers have noticed. Here are a couple of third-party reviews on G2 Crowd. If you find a service with comments like these, you're on the right track.

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It's easy to use. Amazing customer service. The interface is simple and really requires no experience to use it. Just read the directions and start.
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Very user-friendly! It was easy to set-up, add phone numbers and send messages.
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Compared to other platforms, I was able to just sign up for you guys and get going. The interface is very easy to understand, and our office manager was able to get up to speed real quick.


No matter how easy a platform is to use, at some point, you're going to need technical support.  Will the app partner you choose be there for you?


If your platform provider isn't responsive and knowledgeable, you won't be able to deliver your campaigns, and you'll miss out on revenue-generating opportunities. Short-list service providers which are helpful, friendly, and respond quickly.


Look for comments like these on our customer service.

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I actually made a mistake while importing my first round of contacts and I contacted EZ Texting via chat. They immediately helped me out and even gave me a credit to help fix my issue!
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The once or twice I've needed to contact support - I received help immediately.
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Lots of good features but the best is that they have a very responsive chat support to answer all my questions.
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The tech support folks are super kind and attentive.
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The support is unmatched! Loved the customer service.

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Strong Track Record


There are lots of mass text message apps out there. You can find one with almost any set of attributes you want.

But, are they reliable? Will they be around in a year?

Mass text marketing has been around for nearly two decades. There are a handful of platforms that have been in business that long. We're one of them.

Why would that matter?

As you can imagine, newer companies can be volatile. If you go with an unproven service, you may experience outages, inconsistent support, a constantly changing interface, or you may have to start over with another platform if the company doesn't make it through those first few difficult years.


Of course, cost matters. You have to be able to deliver a positive ROI from your marketing efforts. The good news is that that's pretty easy to do. One of the benefits of text message marketing is that it’s the most cost-effective marketing channel.

While there isn't a huge difference in the cost per send for most of the major platforms, check into additional fees such as keyword rentals, MMS messaging, and add-on services. See our pricing here.

And, keep in mind that if you go with the lowest price option, you could get a deal on the direct cost, but you may pay more and lose value with the time your team has to invest in it.

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A robust text messaging feature set can give your organization an advantage in the marketplace.

You can learn more about your customers' preferences through MMS, deliver exceptional customer service through chat, send your contacts reminders of upcoming appointments, and leverage drip campaigns to indoctrinate your contacts so that they know what you can offer.

Check out The 13 Must-Have Features of a Business Text Messaging App to see a full list.

If you use these powerful features, you can attract and serve your customers better. And when you do, you'll keep them as customers, and they'll refer you to their friends. 

Organizations That Benefit Most from a Mass Text Message App

A wide range of organizations are using text marketing to engage their contacts and rise to the top of their industries. Here are a few of the major categories of organizations that are using text effectively. Click on the links to learn more about each.

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Send updates on sales, coupons, events or the latest news

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Real Estate

Capture leads and improve your sales follow-up process

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Send information on menu changes, hours, special performance, or deals and discounts

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Hotels & Resorts

Get more reservations, extend stays, and provide a better experience

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Gyms & Fitness Centers

Maximize seasonal campaigns and get more engagement with members

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Religious Organizations

Easily connect with congregations

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Send texts to supporters to increase giving and get more engagement

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Employers and athletic programs can quickly, easily, and inexpensively communicate with large groups of people simultaneously

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Bars & Nightclubs

Promote events and keep your establishment full throughout the year

Why is mass text messaging so effective for these types of businesses? Reach, simplicity, intimacy, and cost are four of the most appealing benefits. Despite smartphone ownership almost doubling in the past five years, there are still many more people who rely on their older-model cellphones to communicate. SMS text messaging reaches 98% of the population compared to smartphone apps that reach far less.

Use Cases for a Mass Text Message App

  • Domino's Pizza of UNC Charlotte SMS Marketing Case Study

    Founded in 1960, Domino's Pizza is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery operating a network of company-owned and franchise-owned stores in the United States and international markets. The Domino's Pizza Franchise at UNC-Charlotte is an EZ Texting client. Mr. Swanson’s franchise has successfully used EZ Texting to send mobile coupons to students since 2009. He realized that text messaging was the perfect way to promote his Facebook Group, and most importantly, sell more pizza.
  • UAS Properties Mobile Marketing Case

    UAS Properties was founded in 2001 to develop and renovate affordable housing in Chicago and surrounding communities. UAS Properties has assembled a highly qualified team of management professionals with experience in the maintenance, operation, management of market rate, affordable and condominium housing. EZ Texting spoke with Atukwe Newell, a senior principal of the firm, about effective mobile marketing ideas.
  • Water is Basic Case Study

    Water is Basic exists to empower the local leadership in Southern Sudan to bring clean water to their own people. In Southern Sudan, about 70% of the population does not have adequate access to safe water. Water is Basic uses text messaging to keep donors engaged and raise funds to meet this vital need.

Tools for Creating a Mass Text Contact List

Mass texting is a permission-based activity. This means that you cannot purchase a list of cell phone numbers and upload it to your messaging providers’ platform for subsequent outreach. Instead, you’ll need to invite people to opt into your service. The most effective way to achieve this is through keywords and shortcodes.

A keyword is a word chosen by your business that you’ll ask prospective contacts to text to a short code number. For example, Text 'JOIN' to 313131. Completing this action opts people into your text messaging service. Once they have opted into your text messaging service, the contact’s details are automatically added to your list and stored for future campaigns. You can obtain a keyword and shortcode through your service provider. They are usually rented by the month or included in a subscription package.

Efficient ways to build your list include: adding widgets to your website or social media accounts, promoting a flyer in-store, adding the keyword and short code on your business card or receipt, sending an email, making an announcement through radio or TV, or traditional advertising tactics. 

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Advice on Choosing a Mass Text Message App

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The time you devote to evaluating a mass text messaging service is well-spent. But don’t do it on your own.

If you would like further information about how a mass texting app works, how your business could benefit, or how you can build your contact list, free advice is available from our team of Client Success Managers. Give us a call at (800) 753-5372 or contact us online.

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