Best Mobile Security Apps for iOS and Android

To keep yourself and your device protected it is important to use some form of mobile security, but what are the best mobile security apps to install? Before we tell you about some of the best mobile security apps, it helps to explain why mobile security is now essential.

Why is Mobile Security Essential?


More and more of our social and business lives are conducted through a single mobile device, with everything from banking and personal identification details to music and photos stored or accessed from our smartphones. The increase in convenience is beyond question. But with growing convenience comes increasingly pressing security issues. Much like our houses, smartphones represent a one-stop shop through which criminals can extract financial gain at our expense. Just as you wouldn’t leave your house unlocked, it’s unwise to take a laissez-faire attitude to your online security. Fortunately, the market has responded to demands for better cyber security with some excellent apps designed to safeguard your digital world. 

According to a survey from the Consumer Reports National Research Center, 2.1 million phones were stolen in 2014; a further 3.1 million were reported lost (this is important: a found phone is easier pickings for fraudsters as they don’t have to risk the additional crime of property theft). 

Security breaches come in many forms, from viruses to adware to outright device theft. To help you avoid becoming a statistic, we’ve compiled a list of the best mobile security apps out there, each one performing a different primary function:


Some of the Best Mobile Security Apps on the Market


Bitdefender (iOS)

Available for Android, Bitdefender is one of the best free security apps around but, as with most security suites, you’re better off avoiding unnecessary risk and plumping for the premium version (with annual subscriptions starting at $14.95). On-demand scanning is so quick you’ll hardly notice it - even with a dozen apps running in the background, Bitdefender completes a full device scan in around 6 seconds. Undoubtedly one of the fastest antivirus apps out there, Bitdefender is also pretty good for maintaining the security of your device regarding theft. The app keeps a close eye on your SIM card and sends an alert to a trusted number should the card be replaced. 


LastPass (iOS)(Android)

One of the most lauded password manager tools on the market, LastPass for Android lets you save all usernames and passwords and syncs them as much or as little as you require. The premium account is recommended for anyone wanting to sync access across unlimited devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. The account itself is protected with multifactor authentication, and it guides you through the process of creating truly secure password protection that you don’t need to remember. If you have many online accounts, this is one of the best mobile security apps to use.


Avast (iOS)(Android)

Avast is a security app that lets you control your mobile device remotely through a web portal. The key functions are remote locking, location or wiping, and it also sets off an alarm that actually, literally announces “this phone has been lost or stolen” - at a very loud 96dB! Pretty near and instructive, although there is an option to change the alarm to your own sound files if you can think of a better option. This phone finder is the ideal complement to the password management and cybersecurity apps covered above.

With so many different ways for nefarious chancers to steal or hack your phone, it’s wise to put in place a comprehensive range of security options. The three suites covered here are just a small example of what’s available. Browse the market for options that best suit you, but make sure you’re protected.


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