12 Tricks to Make Halloween a Treat This Year

Halloween Texting
12 Tricks to Make Halloween a Treat This Year

Halloween is not cancelled. If anything, it may be even bigger (and hopefully more lucrative) than ever this year.

Traditionally, Halloween has been a prime time for businesses of nearly every industry and audience to engage with customers. It’s a fun and festive holiday that encourages a fun and festive marketing strategy to draw customers to your office, storefronts, and social media channels.

Halloween Can Still Be Fun In 2020

Yes, it’s true that Halloween simply cannot be the jam-packed all-night party it often is for many revelers. (Boo!) Nor will kids be trick-or-treating all around the neighborhood in the same fashion. There may even be some novelty costumes out on display. (How many do you expect will try to dress as the coronavirus itself or as political candidates?)

But Insight to Action, a market research and segmentation firm, conducted a survey which found that at least 60% of consumers expect Halloween 2020 spending to be the same as 2019. And 70% of moms plan to celebrate the day with the kids, with about a third planning to purchase new costumes for the kids. Nearly the same amount plan on buying one for themselves as well.

For comparison’s sake, this feels fairly on par with 2019 estimates — with roughly an $8.8 billion dollar gross. In 2018, over $575.26 million alone was spent purchasing jack-o-lanterns from coast to coast.

Halloween is big business and even the pandemic isn’t powerful enough to stop it — proving the ol’ adage, you’re never too grown-up nor quarantine-fatigued to wear a costume!

In addition, Halloween falls on a Saturday this year (so no need to worry about shepherding the kids to their Zoom or IRL school the next morning or hurrying to the office — even in our current virtual reality). And it’s a well-established fact that Saturday is hands-down the best day for Halloween.

What some of us may think of for #HalloweenGoals may be out this year (ie criss-crossing through new neighborhoods fishing for the best candy with the kids, crowded Halloween parades, or giant house parties) may be out. But many people may choose to celebrate with a small group of friends and family that they trust.

Wickedly “FANGtastic” Ideas To Boost Halloween Sales

Engage with trick-and-treat’ers of all ages during Halloween with these actionable insights:

  1. Create dramatically good sales and have some fun cleverly ‘dressing up’ your texts with comical puns or quips. Instead of BOGO (Buy One, Get One) sales, text customers about your BooGO! sale. Or promise a ghoulishly good night out. You can also “WITCH them a happy Halloween.” Get in the (quite literal) spirit! The wordplay choice — muhahahaha! — is yours.
  2. Halloween is the perfect time to employ amusing little emojis to your text messages, particularly if you’ve never tried them before and wish to begin experimenting. Some classic choices are the pumpkin, ghost, spider, clown, vampire, bat, goblin, alien monster, detective, ogre, lollipop, chocolate, candy — but there are thousands you could choose from.
  3. Play with messaging with different punctuation that you might not usually integrate. An ellipses (which can signal something foreboding or ominous) may be humorous in the context of Halloween. It’s a good day to experiment and add some levity. (But context still remains important so don’t text “Account withdrawn…” to your financial clients!)
  4. Even with important socially distancing protocols, businesses can find special ways to host splashy virtual events for the big night (or perhaps you’ll opt to promote for the entire week!).
  5. Get creative with signage requiring customers to wear a face mask. (ie “No costume, no entry… and all costumes must include face masks.”)
  6. Send SMS notifications to your subscriber lists detailing the info to ensure they’re up-to-date on new safety protocols.
  7. Design a spooky, attention-grabbing storefront display. Either online or in a brick-and-mortar store. 
  8. Use one of our MMS Halloween templates when texting your database.
  9. Excite customers with Text-to-Vote campaigns… like holding contests to guess the weight of a large pumpkin or vote for the best costume among your staff.
  10. Is your office WFH? You can still hold costume contests by promoting them on social media for an entertaining post that will get attention and draw attention to the brand.
  11. Don’t miss out on post-holiday upsells either. Holiday remorse (thanks to candy corn overload) is as frightful a malady as shopper’s remorse. Fitness trainers or gyms will benefit by offering discounts on sessions or memberships. Ditto for restaurants and meal delivery services that offer healthier choices.
  12. And of course, once Halloween is over, don't waste time before jumping onto customer communications for Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday sales.

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