How to Improve Gym Membership Retention & Sales with SMS Marketing Solutions

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July 15, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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Firm up your bottom line… for your business, that is. Ramp up immediate sales and bookings (or fill any last-minute training or spa cancellations) by increasing engagement and offering limited time offers and VIP promotions. Emails won’t be read quickly enough, social channels are noisy, and phone outreach is both too labor-intensive and too likely to go straight to voicemail.

Mitigate churn in gym membership by remaining connected to your members. Stay top-of-mind with gym-goers and cement the importance of fitness in their daily routines. According to the IHRSA Member Report, 45% of members who were at risk of cancelling memberships were less likely to actually do so, upon receiving a successful interaction which prompted a renewed commitment to returning to the gym.

We all know that most people leave gyms within the first few months of membership. Keeping people returning month after month, year after year is mission critical in keeping your business successful.

This may be more important than ever. Between at-home equipment brands like Peleton eating up marketshare once dominated by health clubs… and fitness channels influencers taking over additional audience, many people may need extra engagement to keep up their monthly dues.

Here, three ways to continue to nurture customer relationships and brand loyalty with text message marketing:


Highlight the Urgency to Book by Advertising Limited Availability

When it comes to class sizes, available machines, and the sessions of a particularly in-demand trainer… there’s only so much to go around. Limited availability increases the value of everything. When people realize they’re about to miss out, demand can sharpen. Sometimes drastically. Which can be a boon for business.

As seats fill up in a popular class — or a trainer sees that their schedule is getting packed — send out a text reminder to let clients know that the time to act is NOW. Otherwise they may miss out. And you may miss out on a golden opportunity to capitalize on the rush.

Sample Text Message


Offer VIP Promotions & Special Offers to Members

Texting already has a 98% open rate, with the staggering majority of texts read within minutes (or even seconds) of receipt. This far surpasses any other marketing channel around, with nearly 6X the open rate that an email can provide (and emails are opened at a much slower rate).

But still, you can even improve upon a nearly guaranteed open rate. How? By grabbing clients’ attention with special promotions they won’t be able to turn down. Offer a generous discount percentage, a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) offer, or a coupon with a particular amount off.

Add fun emojis for some extra buzz. Or consider capitalizing important words (like FREE, BOGO) to boost notice even further.

Sample Text Message


Send a Branded MMS Group Message to Generate Extra Attention

Did you know that pictures can boost engagement over traditional text-only SMS messages by a whopping 250%?!?

Simply put, not only is a picture worth 1,000 words — they can also exponentially propel your business forward. We’re all visual creatures, after all. So it only makes sense that some vivid imagery (or interesting audio and video files) can garner more attention and quicker responses to important calls to action.

And naturally, the world of physical fitness is in many ways a visual business. Gyms and studios can benefit by showing before and after photos of clients, along with how-to style training videos.

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