4 Common Questions about Group Text Messaging

12 Jan

Are you considering adding group text messaging to your list of marketing tools this year? If so, you may have questions about how it works. How can group text messaging work to transform the way you do business? 

1. How Do I Get Started? 

When you want to try out text messaging, you need to work within the legal guidelines. Working with a text messaging company ensures that the privacy of your customers remains intact. It's also much more convenient.

You'll need to get a short code, which is like a phone number for your text message marketing campaign. You can either buy one for your campaign only or share one with other businesses. The second option is less expensive. You will also need a unique keyword. This word should connect directly to your text message marketing campaign. For example, if you're asking people to sign up for a discount on pizza, they could send the word PIZZA to your shortcode and add themselves to the list.

Group text messaging

2. How Do You Get Subscribers? 

To send out a text to a group, you need to have a group. How do you get those initial people to become interested in your text message campaigns? 

Focus your energy on acquiring customers on your text message marketing list by: 

  • Adding signage at your store or at events 
  • Making an offer if they sign up for your list of deals 
  • Sending out an invitation in other forms of media, such as social media or email 
  • Creating business cards that direct people to a specific text message marketing group 
  • Promote your text marketing on your receipts for your store or send existing online customers a follow up with their invoice 
  • Create a campaign specific to a single event, such as a promotion at a football game 

3. What Do You Send Out As a Group Text? 

Texting your customers is a unique way to get in touch with them. When you're texting, you have a limited number of characters in which to get your message across. You're not going to write a blog, and you're not even going to write an email. Your goal is to connect with your customers, then move quickly to an effective call to action. You can link within your text to different resources that you think that your customers might use, or you can use multimedia messages to send out videos or photos—both of which are highly effective at getting your message across.

Since texting is short and immediate, it's much easier for your customers to engage than with other marketing campaigns. While you may feel like you need to cram a lot into a few characters, the benefit is that more of your texts get read. Want to connect with your customers quickly? The vast majority of text messages are read within three minutes of receipt.

4. How Much Does It Cost? 

If you're just trying out text message marketing, you don't want to spend a lot of money at first. Look for a company that offers a free trial or free options so that you can try it out. If you're thinking of committing for the long term, know that the more keywords you use, the more expensive your campaign will be. It is also expensive to choose a unique shortcode. Consider sharing one to reduce costs. However, from $50-$150 per month, text message marketing will form a small portion of your marketing budget.

At EZ Texting, we have the tools you need to make your business run more smoothly. Group text messaging can be an essential tool in your marketing toolbox this year. Talk with us about how a texting service can boost your business, and sign up for free today.

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