4 Mobile Marketing Tips for Targeted Campaigns

02 Jan

“I need more ‘Me Time,’” is a resounding lament heard across the country. However, in the last several years advances in the mobile industry are putting “Me Time” at the tips of millions of fingers anytime, anywhere.

On average, each user spends 864 minutes of “Me Time” on their mobile devices per month, according to Arbitron Mobile.

That’s a lot of minutes, but what may or may not surprise you is that the time spent on your mobile device isn’t mobile at all. According to the study, 68% of this time is spent at home, and not necessarily to check email or to socialize. According to a new AOL/BBDO study, nearly half of all time spent on mobile/smart devices is when people are trying to relax or entertain themselves as an indulgence or to simply pass the time. These activities are most commonly watching funny videos, window shopping or playing games.

You would think all this “Me Time” is rife with opportunity for mobile marketing. According to AOL/BBDO, mobile advertising performs poorly on key ad effectiveness metrics because the majority of messages are not relevant to the use at that time, are easy to ignore or get in the way. Brands and marketers make the mistake of releasing content that is not geared specifically to mobile devices or the consumer.Here are a several ways to turn these mobile marketing trends around:

Think about mobile’s bigger picture. Move beyond the conventional surface view of mobile behaviors to align your mobile marketing campaign with the underlying motivators that propel mobile interactions.

According to SEO experts, to push mobile from its current high traffic/low conversion rates, marketers need to leverage big data insights in order to understand the impact of their activities and eliminate the “spinning wheel syndrome” many brands experience with mobile marketing.

Focus on "Me Time." Think about different mobile marketing strategies and how you can redirect mobile communications to help users indulge and enjoy themselves.

Another huge component of mobile success is creating interesting and engaging content, like images and video. Brands that use these tactics are ahead of the curve in overcoming the conversion challenge.

Recognize there are other mobile motivations. Targeting communications to capitalize on these motivators can increase engagement.

Engage users through entertainment or by asking for their opinions via media-centric advertising. Use text to drive to other social platforms like Facebook, or in support of other media used online, in print and on television during evening hours.

The sooner marketers become more creative and effective with their campaigns to accommodate and attract the mobile device user, the better because mobile accounts for one out of every three internet usage minutes.

Mobile is Here, Mobile is Now

Research shows that tablets are projected to outsell PCs during this Christmas buying season. By 2015, tablets will permanently outpace PC sales. With the popularity and shift to tablets, people are consuming more content. In fact, 43% of people are reading more magazines while 40% read more tech news.

But don’t forget the little guy. Smartphones are forecast to increasingly become the most popular type of mobile device, outstripping both tablets and PCs by taking nearly 71% of the market in 2015.

As long as you make sure your content is great, that you’ve carefully crafted your messages and properly share your content, you can become the next mobile maverick.

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