4 Tips for Attracting Customers to Your Coffee Shop

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January 17, 2018
EZ Texting
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Cheers! How can you attract more customers to your coffee shop this year? That bewitching brew of yours has something to do with your popularity, and so does your location, but your success also has a lot to do with the way that you reach out to your customers. How can you improve your marketing for your coffee shop?

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97 percent of Americans use texting at least once a day on their cell phones.

Pew Internet

1. Say Hello The Old-Fashioned Way

How can you make your coffee shop more appealing to customers? Take a look at the outside. When you're marketing a business, appearances matter. Make your coffee shop look warm and appealing. Create a storefront and put a sign board out in the front. Get creative and consider what makes your coffee shop unique, and play on this in your design. According to Hand Ground, "shops don’t need to completely renovate their storefront to stand out. A coat of new paint or an A-frame sign on the sidewalk can work just as well." However, if you have a particular theme for your shop, this can work in your favor. For instance, a coffee shop near a children's park could offer a child-friendly area inside the store where parents can stop and talk before heading to the park.


2. Build Community 

Consider your different audience segments when you're trying to appeal to new customers. If you're aiming to get business traffic, offer a business special or brag about your free Wi-Fi. If you're in an area frequented by students, offer students a discount at off-peak hours that are convenient for them. Create events for these different audiences as well. From knit nights to business networking events, you can build community the old-fashioned way: by making your coffee shop an appealing place to connect with others.


3. Ask for Referrals 

Your best promotional tool is your customers. Ask your customers to recommend you and offer them a bonus if they do—or use social media to spread the word. Do you have a specialty coffee? If so, get your customers to take a photo of themselves enjoying it. Have a photo contest on your social media account to encourage customers to take photos of local places.


4. Turn to Text

text marketing campaign isn't always the first thought you turn to when you think of marketing to your customers. However, according to Pew Internet, "97 percent of Americans use texting at least once a day on their cell phones." Texting doesn't require a smartphone or internet access. It's simple, but it's effective. You can work to connect with different audiences through diverse text marketing campaigns that appeal to a specific demographic. Use a text message service to create different lists so that you can contact university students, business clients, or coffee connoisseurs with targeted offers.


At EZ Texting, we're here to help you build your business. We want you to succeed in your marketing plans, which is why we've created an exceptional text message service to allow you to grow your customer base. Are you interested in trying out text marketing for your business? Sign up for free today.

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