4 Tools for Tracking Your Marketing Results

Tracking Text Marketing
4 Tools for Tracking Your Marketing Results

How do you know if your marketing efforts have been a success? You need to track your results. However, tracking your results is easier said than done sometimes. You know that your sales numbers have changed, but how do you know where the traffic came from, and more importantly, how can you replicate your success in the future?

1. Get the Basics 

When you're looking at the success of a marketing campaign, you need to know the basics. These include metrics such as: 

  • How many people engaged with your campaign? If you're tracking this online, you can easily get this statistic from your text marketing platform, email marketing tool or your social media statistics.
  • How many people clicked on that link? Again, look at your text messaging, email and social media marketing tools for these numbers.
  • How did they get there? To track this statistic, you could consider setting up different landing pages for each marketing campaign. For example, a social media campaign could give a slightly different website name than a direct mail campaign. That way, you can see who is coming to you from what marketing campaign.  

2. Google Analytics 

If you'd like to look more deeply into the results you're getting from search engines, you can use Google Analytics to develop your understanding. You can create segments to understand who is connecting with what campaigns. For example, Google states that you can develop "custom channel groupings, content groupings, and calculated metrics." In this era of personalization, it's especially important to see how each marketing campaign works with different segments of your audience.

You can also use Google Analytics to understand your customer funnel. This allows you to see where you're capturing customers' attention and where leads are falling out of your funnel.

3. Social Media Analysis Tools

Your social media accounts also offer internal analysis of how well each of your campaigns is working. If you're on Facebook, visit Insights and Post Types to look at the engagement that each type of content elicits from your audience. 

Twitter tracks each of your posts on Settings - Analytics - Tweets. This data allows you to change what you post based on what your audience most appreciates. You can use Audience Insights to see more demographic data about your audience as well, so that you can glean more information that could help you target your posts. For example, the Social Media Examiner suggests that you could use this information to "adjust the tone of messaging to better fit your audience." Facebook and Twitter also allow you to see when your audience is online, so you know when to post.

4. Track Reports With Text Message Marketing 

If you're working with a text message marketing campaign, you need to work with an organization that can give you the data you need to refine your campaign. What data is essential? 

  • Texts sent 
  • Messages received 
  • Delivery reports on the status of each message you send 
  • Contact counts 
  • Times and spikes in engagement with your marketing campaigns 
  • Tracking your opt-in, so you can see what campaigns generate traffic 
  • Watch your opt-outs to see what didn't work 

When you complete any marketing campaign, you want to know what worked and what didn't work. At EZ Texting, we want your text message marketing to be as simple as possible. Making your results easy to understand is part of that simplicity. Talk with us and see how we can change the way you do business. Sign up for free today.

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