4 Ways Colleges & Universities Can Use Texting for Student Appointment Reminders

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August 3, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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Enrollment coordinators, educational advisors, and academic counselors need to remind students about critical upcoming appointments, but have a limited number of channels in which to truly reach students — even in today’s crowded landscape. Only a few channels actually get through and text alerts — with their real-time push notification system — lead the charge.

SMS texts provide personalized, relevant, and timely reminders on students’ preferred channel — their mobile phone. Social media and flyers are great but targeted to a mass audience. Emails get lost in crowded inboxes — or they’re overlooked because they’re too long. In contrast, texts are ideal for getting out a quick, succinct message. And texts are often read within minutes… or even seconds… of receipt.

This is why a recent study found that 86% of students reported that text messages prompted them to complete a task not yet done. 85% reported that text messages informed them about something they didn’t realize they needed to do. And 84% found reminders useful in getting everything they needed done for college.



of students reported that text messages prompted them to complete a task not yet done.


of students reported that text messages informed them about something they didn't realize they needed to do.


Student Reminders for Upcoming Can’t-Miss Appointments

Ensure students keep important appointments and arrive on-time. Missed appointments can cause problematic delays for academic advisors, class registrations, career fairs, and all other not-to-be-missed appointments.

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To keep things running smoothly, it is vital to mitigate no-shows and tardiness. Students that are late for appointments can cause delays in staff schedules and faculty can become quickly backlogged. Or a student may miss out entirely on a scheduled meeting that was important for them to keep.

Texted reminders help keep the flow, benefiting both students and staff.


Financial Aid Reminder Texts to Keep Paperwork on Time

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Keep students up-to-date on their financial aid requirements and you’ll help ensure that they never miss a deadline. Scholarships, grants, and loans often come with a number of different requirements (Such as GPA scores) that need to be kept up, as well as a set rate of completed hours, and certain paperwork filing deadlines.

Strict adherence to these guidelines is imperative for students to remain in good standing.


Student Open Enrollment Reminder Texts for Deadlines & Updates

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Students have a lot to keep in mind. Keep them focused on important deadlines with texted reminders that are sure to grab their attention. Incoming students may need an extra boost as they may be overwhelmed with extra paperwork.

Make life easier for them with quick text reminders with due dates. Include trackable links that students can click and address immediately.


Reduce Reminder Calls & Voicemails by Administrative Staff

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Simplify your staff’s workload by streamlining tasks with text message marketing. Instead of wasting time leaving voicemails that will likely not be heard… or playing tedious games of phone tags… maximize working hours and boost efficiency with SMS texts. In just a few clicks, staff can send personalized texts and send automatized comms.

Staff can also easily see which texts are being viewed (and which aren’t) by viewing tracking receipts.

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