4 Ways Gyms are Using Text Reminders for Fitness Appointments & Scheduling

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July 1, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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It’s time.

Time to go back to the gym. Time to re-focus on your health. Time to get moving.

And time to ensure your clients and members remember to keep their appointments. Missing them costs you both time and money — and can even damage your brand.

Circumvent this by using automated campaigns to send appointment reminder texts and you’ll seamlessly decrease no-shows via helpful prompts. Streamline the process by including relevant details in the text, as well as a trackable link that allows recipients to reschedule 24/7 (or quickly confirm).

Equally important, you’ll ensure maximum transparency in alerting members to scheduling updates, class wait list prompts, and last-minute changes with trainers.

Automated texting is the most efficient gym appointment booking software and there's no better way to manage reminders, alleviating administrative headaches and wasted time spent on phone tags, calls that go straight to voicemail, and unread emails that get lost in the swamp of a crowded inbox.


text messages are read more often than emails


Send Reminders for Training Sessions, Nutritionists, Spa Appointments & More

As you know, time is money. And no-shows are one of the most common and preventable expenses any business can face.

Mitigate these as cost-effectively and simply as possible by sending a gentle text reminder to the device we’re all most likely to see it — our mobile phones. Text messages are read 6X more often than emails, and are a more effective way to reach clients than phone calls as well.

Certainly, you can administer a 24-hour cancellation policy to divert some of the loss for no-shows. However, last-minute fill-in’s can be tricky and demand extra administrative work on behalf of your staff. Additionally, members may get irritated by the extra fee if they don’t feel they were properly reminded. Keep track of your text messages and you can easily prove that the client had ample opportunity to reschedule if necessary.

Sample Text Message

Draw some extra attention by either including an emoji, or some extra capitalization. Or choose both.


Send Text Reminders for Class Sign-Ups

There are gym classes so popular that people wake up at 5:30am the day before taking a class just to ensure they have a spot. These classes are so packed that they’re sold out within seconds — not minutes — of open enrollment. And just as quickly fill out their wait lists to maximum capacity.

Imagine then the frustrations members would have if such classes ended up having open seats that end up unfilled, come class time, due to member’s negligence in cancelling. It’s unlikely that this would be due to forgetfulness, but life happens and sometimes can’t-miss classes and appointments suddenly become impossible to do.

Sample Text Message

If this happens, other members will quickly become frustrated at their own inability to secure these vacated spots. This can quickly damage your brand.

What client will want to continue their gym membership if they feel they are being repeatedly locked out of classes that end up with consistent vacancies? This is where fitness appointment scheduling software like SMS comes in.

Try sending helpful text reminders, requesting that members are considerate of others and cancel such classes in a timely fashion. Consider imposing penalties on those who repeatedly miss a class they’ve signed up for (such as sign-up privileges being removed for a week or two).


Streamline Operations & Reduce Overhead Via 1-on-1 Chat Messaging

Sample Text Message

Some members will simply use a provided weblink to easily reschedule with just a few clicks. But others will have questions.

Perhaps they’re wondering if the time can be bumped a few minutes late (or earlier). Or perhaps they have a different question entirely.

Solve any concerns quickly and efficiently with 1-on-1 Chat messaging capability — and minimize administrative issues for your front desk.

After all, they should ideally be busy checking in the steady stream of members at the club.


Announce Scheduling Changes Via Real-Time Text Prompts

Last minute changes happen. Favorite trainers and teachers will get sick last minute or have other unplanned emergencies.

Sample Text Message

The sooner you can alert members and clients the better. Many people arrange their schedules around a particular instructor or personal trainer. Whether they were scheduled for a class or a trainer session, they may wish to make other arrangements in case of a sub.

Don’t risk frustrating your members, who will be disappointed to rush over to the gym… only to find out they are not taking the class they signed up for.

Send a text message alert ASAP — which is quite likely to be read within minutes of receipt, thanks to our push notification system.

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