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5 Amazing Benefits of a Text Messaging Platform for a Mobile Workforce

5 Amazing Benefits of a Text Messaging Platform for a Mobile Workforce

If you're considering text messaging for your mobile workforce, you need to partner with a reputable business text messaging provider. This kind of partnership means that you'll have all the tools and resources needed to maximize your mobile messaging effectiveness. And when you're dealing with a distributed network of employees and affiliates, getting up to speed quickly is paramount.

For more than two decades, we've worked alongside industry-leading businesses and organizations to create value-driven text messaging for mobile workforces. We understand the unique complexity of the distributed work environment and can orient you and your business towards rapid text messaging success.

5 Ways a Mobile Workforce Could Benefit From Text Messaging

If you manage a mobile workforce, the number one thing that you need to know is that text messaging works for almost any industry, including retail, hospitality, fitness, real estate, and many others.

Here are the top five benefits of text messaging for the mobile workforce:

1. Communicate Across Teams

If you currently communicate with mobile or remote teams via phone calls, there is an easier way. Unfortunately, when phone calls are missed or ignored, time or money is lost. When time is of the essence, getting in touch with your team is paramount.

With business text messaging, you can reach your team members instantly. In fact, with just a few taps, your important messages are sent and received. Additionally, our chat feature makes it easier for text recipients to send important messages back. In this way, you can unlock seamless collaboration with teams.

2. Streamline Task Management

How often are your mobile employees left twiddling their thumbs? By investing in a texting service, you can easily assign and manage tasks.

For example, if you manage a landscape company, instead of printing out a task order for your team, you can send a simple text message. It only takes a few seconds to send, and employees can always go back and reference the message later if needed. In most cases, teams appreciate this level of convenience and ease-of-access.

3. Respond to Customers Instantly

Don't leave your customers on hold.

When customers ask for a project update or submit a customer service inquiry, they expect a timely response. And when they don't hear back from you, they'll move onto the next business that's willing to hear them out.

With text message marketing, you don't need to be tied to your desk just to receive customers' messages. Respond to customers in real-time by investing in a powerful text message marketing solution like ours.

4. Easy Inventory Checks

Does your business work with a large inventory of products? When your employees are on-the-go, they don't always have the time to physically visit your warehouse just to check on inventory. A text messaging solution allows employees to easily request an inventory update from the field.

5. Close More Sales

Finally, text messaging allows you to close more business and deliver more sales. The expediency and ease-of-use that text message marketing provides makes it easy for mobile salespeople to communicate with prospects.

Moreover, prospects will appreciate the direct access that they have to your salespeople. With text messaging, it feels less like a business conversation and more like a conversation that they would have with a friend.

Start Your Text Messaging Journey With EZ Texting

If you're ready to start your text messaging journey, remember that not all text message marketing providers are created equal. Prioritize the providers that offer top-of-the-line features and services.

For more than two decades, we've helped 210,000 businesses, nonprofits, and organizations to orchestrate high-powered and results-driven text messaging. Our customer case studies demonstrate how both commercial and non-commercial organizations benefit from our cost-effective text messaging platform.

To get started, we recommend downloading our latest study. When you're ready, join the businesses and organizations that have already begun using text messaging to connect with employees, prospects, and customers.

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