5 Customer Text Messaging Strategies that Really Work

5 Customer Text Messaging Strategies that Really Work

Everybody texts their friends, but have you thought about customer text messaging? Sending the right text messages can make a real, positive impact on your retail business.

Drive sales and foot traffic with promotions. Boost engagement and satisfaction with product guides. Encourage repeat visits with timed offers. Improve customers relations with chat and notifications. Text messaging can help you improve on all of these fronts!

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1. Promotions

Customers love to receive alerts about sales, coupons, and other specials via text. It's a win-win for both of you. They get to save, you get bigger sales.
customer text messaging - promotion example

2. Product Education

Make it easy for customers to enjoy your products to their fullest. Send useful product information via text after each purchase. EZ Texting makes it easy to sort buyers into groups so you can send personalized messages with relevant content.
customer text messaging - product detail example

3. Birthday and Anniversary Specials

Give a little special something to your customers on their special day. Your customers will now have a reason to visit that they may not have before. EZ Texting lets you set up automated reminder texts so you can set it and forget it.
customer text messaging - birthday example

4. Customer Service

Send your customers a text to alert them to a package delivery, or chat with them one-on-one when they're having a problem. Texting allows you to anticipate and address concerns quickly.
customer text messaging - customer service example

5. Billing and Appointment Reminders

Texting rocks for promotions, but you can also use it to remind customers/vendors about payments that are due. In addition, you can easily set up automated reminders to minimize no-shows for appointments.
customer text messaging - appointment reminder example

See Results When You Text

Whatever you're selling, customer text messaging can help you connect more effectively. SMS messages to customers can boost sales, satisfaction, and engagement. They can also reduce late payments and no-shows. EZ Texting customer supports are experts at helping retail businesses make the most of texting. Learn more by calling (855) 854-3024 or get started now!


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