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5 Easy and Effective Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

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December 2, 2021
EZ Texting
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There are hundreds of online marketing tools specifically built for small businesses. From text marketing and email software to social media management tools and content management systems, the list of available marketing technology is virtually limitless. However, the question must be asked — with so many online marketing tools available, which one(s) could be right for your business?

First, consider a few mission-critical factors. How big is your team? What are your marketing goals and objectives? What is your total marketing budget? What are your marketing pain points? How much are marketing inefficiencies costing your business?

And then consider the platforms that could work best for you and will command the best ROI. How can a robust email campaign complement your text marketing strategies? How do you use social media — and how can you leverage it even more effectively? How can you automatize multi-channel campaigns in one master hub? Foundational tools like these will lay the groundwork for your success. 

In your search to find the right technology stack for your operation, prioritize the software and systems on our list. And use the expert insights in this article to guide your decision-making.

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We here at EZ Texting have known it’s only a matter of time before the businesses of all sizes catch up to the hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses and organizations we’ve served.

The 5 Best Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Since 2004, we've helped thousands of small businesses just like yours. And when it comes to online marketing software, we know what works and what doesn't. Choose from these powerful and results-driven marketing tools to define and streamline your strategies.


1. CRM: Customer Relationship Management Tool

Remind clients to schedule appointments for regular services like filing taxes and reviewing investment portfolios. It’s difficult for taxpayers to keep track of all important deadlines, they’re likely to appreciate and even depend upon your automated reminders. This is true of tax season but it is also something that can be used throughout the year, such as reminders for quarterly estimated tax payments.

If you keep clients engaged all year long, they’re more likely to continue to return to you year after year. To encourage quicker bookings, add a sense of urgency or include a promotional offer.

Streamline workflows and automate text messaging with a smart CRM tool. Quickly sync and update contacts, manage and analyze interactions with loyal customers and potential leads, and boost sales growth — all in one centralized location and with just a few clicks. With our EZ Texting integrations, a cross-channel campaign is even easier to get started.

Pro Pick: HubSpot

Offering marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software — HubSpot is an easy to use, intuitive platform even for a beginner. With various tiers, this tool runs on a freemium model, so you can also try it for free and then pay for particular upgrades as you wish. View engagement data, grow traffic, convert more leads, and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale.

Pro Pick: Salesforce

As a robust CRM with many features, Salesforce is not only a favorite of larger companies but can be used by smaller businesses as well. Automate workflows, give teams a shared view of every customer, and integrate every part of your company: marketing, sales, service, and more.


2. Email Marketing Platform

Email marketing campaigns can compliment texting strategies. Text subscribers an alert and follow up with a longer email to fill in more of the details. Email marketing tools are well-equipped to handle big and small tasks and streamline the entire process: from sending important sales reminders to managing email contacts. 

But selecting the right tool can have a significant impact on the success of your campaigns and promotions.

Pro Pick: Mailchimp

Email marketing doesn't need to be overwhelming. MailChimp helps small businesses connect with audiences so they can take email marketing to the next level. Choose from three distinct plans — forever free, monthly, pay as you go — and instantly connect with your target audience using drag-and-drop tools, smart content, and more.

Pro Pick: Constant Contact

For those with an eye for design, Constant Contact offers a variety of ready-to-go templates and stock images within the program. Its drag-and-drop user interface is easy to use, whether this is your first time launching an email marketing campaign or you’re a seasoned pro.


3. Website Builder

Unless you’re hiring your own developer, you’ll need to select a website builder to create an online presence. Perhaps you’re making the shift to hosting an e-commerce click-and-mortar store or looking to stage a digital site for any other type of business. Either way, you can be up and running within no time by choosing the right app for your needs. 

Pro Pick: Squarespace

Build a beautiful site with a drag-and-drop page editor that is user-friendly, no technical experience required. Templates are well-designed and visually appealing for content-driven sites, with excellent photo editing and displaying tools. With an eye for design, Squarespace offers a professional-looking site that also offers e-commerce capability.

Pro Pick: Shopify

Shopify offers a suite of services that include payments, marketing, shipping, and customer engagement tools. Import and export products and content with ease, take payments in multiple currencies with a wide array of payment gateway options, and manage your e-commerce (or e-commerce hybrid) store.

4. Social Media Management Tool

Pro Pick: Hootsuite

A favorite among small business leaders, Hootsuite makes scheduling, managing, and reporting on social media content a breeze. Additionally, Hootsuite's team plan is ideal for most small businesses. With access to 20 social profiles, three user accounts, a $2,000 monthly advertising boost, and live in-dash support, Hootsuite helps teams to work more efficiently.


5. Text Marketing Tool

Of course, EZ Texting has to be at the very top of our list here. As the recognized leader in text message marketing, EZ Texting has been trusted by more than 210,000 businesses. We make it easy to send important messages — to attract prospects, nurture customers, increase sales or conversions, streamline communications with staff, and so much more. Text messaging is faster and more direct than any other channel around. With a staggering 98% open rate, most text messages are opened within minutes of receipt. Engage with subscribers right where they are: their mobile phones — and you’ll always be just a click away. With powerful SMS and MMS text messaging, you can efficiently propel your business forward. Send your first message in minutes!


Achieve Small Business Marketing Mastery

Investing in one or more of these vital marketing tools will position you and your business for sustained marketing success. Think of this list as an excellent jumping off point and then consider which specialized tools may further enhance your business goals to give you the competitive edge in your market. 

There are Keyword research tools (like SEMrush) that can help you maximize the effectiveness of your digital content through SEO, graphic design tools (like Canva) that offer the ability to create on-brand graphics, and so many more. 

As a leader in the text marketing industry, we know that text messaging is one of the most proven and cost-effective marketing tools available to businesses of all sizes.

To guide your own mass texting journey, use our special texting roadmap.

The 8-Step Roadmap to Mastering Text Message Marketing will help you create an actionable text marketing plan. Following these eight steps doesn't guarantee text marketing success, but it will certainly point you in the right direction.

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