5 Essential 4th of July Messaging Ideas

Liberating and inspiring your customers this July is easier than you think.

4th of July celebration
June 15, 2022
Christine Defranco
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Letting freedom ring this 4th of July means not only celebrating America's Independence, it also means celebrating a summer season with little-to-no nationwide COVID restrictions. The pandemic has reminded us all, in case we had forgotten, that gathering together is a freedom we all cherish. As a result, this year people will be celebrating the 4th with renewed enthusiasm and fanfare.

This heightened Independence Day revelry also means businesses and organizations have a special opportunity to rally, entice, and engage their customers with messages that reward, inspire, and simply pay homage to liberty - whether it be from British rule or video conferencing.

Coming up with holiday-themed messaging that is meaningful and engaging year after year can become a challenge. To help keep your 4th of July marketing messaging fresh, whether it be via email, text messaging, social media, signage or a well-balanced mix of all four, we’ve pulled together these 5 essential ideas to help you effectively connect with your audience.

1. Launch a New Product

Sample 4th of July MMS Message

With people gathering in-person as more celebratory gatherings take shape, seize the opportunity to take advantage of the timing and launch a new product. Tie in the product with the 4th of July. Not every product will make sense, but if you get creative you will find endless ways to connect otherwise ordinary products to the Independence Day theme. For example, if you are a clothing retailer, cultivate patriotic-themed combinations and use the weeks leading up to the holiday to create messages that promote the holiday-ccentric combinations. Include photos that showcase how these products will enhance the day’s theme. Bakeries may choose to send out teaser images of the independence-themed confections they plan to create for the special day. Remember, when folks come together in-person more attention will be paid to appearances and that means more attention will be paid to the details - pants and pastries alike.

2. Deflation Sales

Sample Text Message

Business owners and customers can all agree that inflation has been, well, not liberating. Offer a deflation discount on one of your best sellers OR simply poll your customers to see what item they would like to see discounted as part of your Free from Inflation sale. Everyone can get behind an effort to offset the skyrocketing prices inflation has imposed as of late, plus it certainly aligns to the liberty theme of the holiday. Remember, asking your customers for their input shows them you are invested in their satisfaction and are continually working to exceed expectations. Additionally, a deflation sale can show your customers that you are right there with them and are aware of the strain of rising prices. Addressing the issue and working to combat oppressive price increases brings it into focus that you also, as a business owner, are feeling the impact. Even if you cannot deflate the price to pre-inflation prices, any discount or add-on will show customers that you are committed to delivering improved value and doing what you can to offset the impact to their pocket.

3. Inspire Patriotic Feels

It may seem obvious to add red, white, and blue imagery to your 4th of July messaging, but with the right approach it can truly make a lasting, and revenue enhancing impression. Sure, certain industries, like hospitality, restaurants, and retail have more naturally occurring opportunities to promote their products in visually appealing ways. Meanwhile, other business types, especially those in the B2B service sectors, require more effort to create images that are both relevant and visually appealing. However, any type of business can create a beautiful red, white, and blue-themed visual. An exotic pet store could take a photo of a bearded dragon standing in front of an American flag and include that image as part of their 4th of July social media, text, or email marketing campaign. If coming up with your own images is not something you have the eye for, many email and text marketing providers offer templates specific to each holiday. Using templates means you are not on the hook to find or create stunning visuals and can focus instead on customizing your messaging.

Screenshot of a sampling of EZ Texting 4th of Julyish templates

4. Host or Sponsor an Independence Day Event

Sample MMS Message

Speaking of inflation, if your business cannot offer a discount or sale, consider either hosting an event or sponsoring an event being hosted by another business or organization. There are many local government and social organizations that will be hosting 4th of July events. Should your business be one that does not have the space or resources to host your own event, see if there are any existing events that you may be able to sponsor. Sponsoring an event can mean volunteering your time and not cost you a thing. It also often provides an opportunity to network and promote your business, while showing that you are invested in the community. Should you have a brick and mortar location, hosting a small event may be an inexpensive option that brings you foot traffic and generates sales. Don’t forget, this year folks are especially excited to get out and mingle, so even a simple coffee and donuts event may come with a sizable turnout and return.

5. Extend Sincere Greetings

Sample MMS Message

If the 4th of July is simply not a good time for your business to offer a promotion, launch a campaign, or get involved with an event – remember that it is an excellent occasion to simply let your customers know how thankful you are for their patronage. Independence Day, by its very nature, is a day we reflect on what it means to be free and part of that reflection includes gratitude to those who all. Customers truly appreciate when the people they choose to do business with acknowledge their decision. They are free to shop anywhere they wish, but they have chosen to do so with your business, so let them know how much that means. Choosing a mix of text, email, and social media marketing is the best way to reach each and every customer for most businesses. Regardless of which marketing channel you use to get the word out, what is most important is that your customers know you are thankful for them on this liberating day.

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