5 Innovative Organizations That Are Crushing Mobile SMS Marketing

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October 11, 2018
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This year, mobile SMS marketing has become one of the fastest growing marketing opportunities for businesses. The rapid expansion of smartphone ownership across the world has transformed the way enterprises communicate with prospects and customers. By giving consumers new opportunities to connect to media content wherever they are, at any time of the day, mobile technology has enabled businesses to drive greater engagement and, in turn, greater profits. For many industry-leading businesses, mobile marketing has become the go-to strategy for deploying effective digital communications to target audiences.

5 Examples of Creative Mobile SMS Marketing

Are you ready to deploy a high-powered and results-driven text message marketing campaign for your enterprise, small businesses, organization or nonprofit? Model your approach after these world-class and innovative organizations that are absolutely crushing mobile SMS marketing:

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1. Situation

Situation, a digital-first marketing agency based in New York City, used SMS marketing to deploy targeted promotions in support of the new Broadway musical, MEAN GIRLS. During BroadwayCon, a three-day expo where fans can meet and interact with their favorite Broadway stars, Situation transformed the restrooms into a scene straight from the musical. However, instead of scrawling gossip onto the bathroom mirrors, Situation told visitors to text 'FETCH' to 797979.

The result? In addition to bringing a smile to conference attendee's faces, the MEAN GIRLS promotion became a viral hit on social media. After the event, Situation deployed some simple marketing automation, reminding users to reserve their tickets for the Broadway musical. This campaign is a powerful example of text message marketing infused with a ton of creativity!


2. Chipotle

Recently, Chipotle stores across the United States closed for an all-staff meeting on food and safety. Chipotle used this as an opportunity to reiterate commitments to local farmers, share in-store safety guidelines, and more. To reward customers for their patience during this brief closing, Chipotle gave out coupons for free burritos, burrito bowls, salads, and tacos. To make good on the offer, users were required to text 'RAINCHECK' to the restaurant's approved short code. By leveraging a bit of innovation, Chipotle's text message marketing campaign was a simple and easy way to make customers feel special!


3. Long Island Aquarium

Long Island Aquarium has removed all print coupons in substitute for text-only offers. The result? Long Island Aquarium has seen a boost in event attendance thanks to the power of text message marketing. Backed by a powerful text message marketing solution, Long Island Aquarium is able to deploy marketing promotions in support of special shark dives, admission tickets, and more.


4. Auntie Anne's

Auntie Anne's debuted a text message marketing campaign for the holiday season. Pretzel Perks grants customers free mobile coupons and discounts by simply texting 'PRETZEL' to the brand's approved short code. Auntie Anne's, which operates in more than 1,000 stores, malls, airports, and lifestyle centers, deployed the marketing promotion to target hungry holiday shoppers. This campaign is a great example of text message marketing built around special holidays. Try incorporating some seasonality into your own text message marketing campaigns and promotions!


5. Walkabout

Walkabout built the world's first time-based mapping system to help small communities create beautiful and interactive maps. Walkabout needed to an inexpensive way to deliver interactive maps for festivals, events, and destinations. Thanks to the power of text message marketing, Walkabout simplified and automated the map delivery experience to clients and customers.

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EZ Texting made it easy for us to manage multiple keywords for our clients. They definitely helped raise our direct traffic. It's simple, inexpensive, and fast.

— Tres Crow, CEO of Walkabout

Master SMS Marketing

Today, people consume more marketing messages and advertisements than ever before. For many businesses, it has become increasingly difficult to connect with prospects and engage with customers. The savviest businesses cut through the noise and leverage the power of SMS marketing to deploy targeted, relevant, and timely communications to target audiences.

Learn how to achieve SMS marketing mastery in 4 Strategies for Successful Mobile Marketing. This guide will teach you about the easiest and most effective ways to create text message marketing wins for your business or organization. Learn how to:

  • Effectively promote your goods and services
  • Increase engagement with customers
  • Quickly send alerts to your subscribers
  • Automate appointment reminders
  • ... and more
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