5 Quick Tips for Boosting Your Nonprofit's Outreach Efforts

5 Quick Tips for Boosting Your Nonprofit's Outreach Efforts

No matter what the season might be, it's always time to boost your nonprofit's outreach efforts. Whether you focus on finding homes for pets all year round or Christmas gift assistance, your nonprofit needs to connect with many audiences. These include those who give to you, those who benefit from your services, and the community as a whole. How can you boost your nonprofit's outreach with SMS software? 

1. Look for New Donors 

Whether you're responding to an emergency or you're looking for funding on an ongoing basis, a text message campaign is a way to connect with new donors. Inspire your donors to opt-in and donate simply and easily by texting your keyword. For instance, if it's forest fire season and you're raising money for evacuees, individuals could donate a small sum of money to the efforts. It's easy to inspire people to donate a small amount, and your efforts can move out quickly into the community, especially when you also promote them on social media.

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2. Send Out Volunteer Opportunities 

Do you need to communicate with your volunteers on an ongoing basis? If you have recurring volunteer opportunities that always need extra hands, create a list of interested volunteers. For instance, if you are often short on dog-walkers at the animal shelter Fridays, you could send out a reminder on Wednesday to recruit more walkers. Reminders help your volunteers remember their scheduled shifts and sign up for new ones. They're also helpful in an emergency. If you need volunteers right now, SMS messaging is the way to reach them.

3. Share Inspiration 

Are you leading a community that is inspired by a specific faith or a certain service philosophy? You can use your SMS software to send out notes to that community, building connections through information and inspiration. Whether these are Bible quotes or notes about ways to become more eco-friendly, you'll connect with your donors, volunteers, and interested members in new ways.

4. Get Feedback 

Every community needs to make decisions, and your nonprofit community is no exception. According to Fundraising 123, "asking people what they care about and then relating your cause to their values is respectful." Do you need to choose the date for an event or decide whether or not to go ahead with a certain policy? You can use text messaging to get rapid feedback from your members.

5. Create Community Reminders 

What's going on in your nonprofit community? Whether you're reminding people to show up for the big event on the weekend or you're letting them know that your door-knocking campaign is about to begin, you can create community reminders and send them out via SMS messaging. This is a fast way to remind people, and it's so convenient that it's hard for them to forget. They don't need to remember to check your website or find that email: your message is right there on the phone.

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