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5 Simple Tips for Personalizing Your Marketing Efforts

Texting platform
5 Simple Tips for Personalizing Your Marketing Efforts

Let's get personal. When it comes to marketing, the loud, blaring advertisements of yesterday don't connect well with today's audience. Instead, marketing is more responsive and personal. When you use marketing to build relationships, you will win them over before they even make a formal transaction.  Personalizing your marketing efforts is a great way to attract and retain customers.

1. Create Original Content 

Create original content that appeals to both existing and potential customers, drawing them to your website and encouraging repeat visits. If you're developing a content campaign, you can put your content out there in a variety of ways, including:

  • email marketing
  • texting platform
  • social media profiles
  • SEO keywords

By creating original content, you are simultaneously building your brand while attracting and retaining customers.

Texting platform

2. Use a Texting Platform 

Text messages reach your customers wherever they are. According to Pew Research, "three-quarters of Americans now own a smartphone." Even if your customers own an old-school flip phone, text messaging remains one of the most accessible and personalized ways of getting in touch with your customers. You can send special offers, reminders for upcoming events, and alerts for limited time offers. However you use it, a texting platform is an easy way to personalize your contact with customers.

3. Ask Questions 

This is one of the most powerful actions you can take as a marketing professional. Use the answers you receive to customize both your offerings and the way that you market those offerings. Here are a few effective ways to ask your questions:

  • Use social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter
  • Hand out in-store questionnaires 
  • Implement a text marketing campaign
  • Use email to send out after-sale surveys

Getting quick feedback from your customers about what they like, dislike and love will allow you to serve them better in the future.

4. Target Your Best Customers 

Your best customers talk about you in person and online, spreading the word about your business and acting as ambassadors of your brand. Use the data you collect on your customers' transactions to reward these customers. Offer them discounts, advance offers, or special information as a reward for their loyalty, and watch them become even more effective at selling your business to their network.

5. Segment Your Audience 

Personalize your business by creating special offers that different customer segments enjoy. For instance, if you run a salon and had a great response to a specific promotion--a free child's haircut with an adult cut. You also noticed that most of the respondents seemed to be professional working mothers. You can now target that specific customer group for other offers, such as a discount on premium shampoo. 

Start to target your offers so that they reach the audience that's most likely to respond. Set up your website to provide different pathways for these distinct groups of customers to make this easier.

According to Pardot, "Businesses that personalize web experiences see an average 19% increase in sales." Are you ready to personalize your marketing through a text marketing campaign? 

At EZ Texting, we want to help you grow your business with strong communication. We're here to create the communication opportunities that will take your business to a new level of success. Sign up for free and try out EZ Texting today.

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