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5 Things to Look for in a Text Messaging Service for Business

5 Things to Look for in a Text Messaging Service for Business

A text messaging service for business is a complementary feature of any great digital marketing strategy. Thousands of businesses rely on text messaging to engage and excite audiences. Organizations of all shapes and sizes, both for-profit and nonprofit, have unlocked the power of text messaging to initiate more authentic, personalized, and effective marketing communications.

However, with so many text message marketing services to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your organization?

For many businesses, it's difficult to look beyond price as a key determinant, and the cost is an important consideration. However, there are many other critical, and perhaps more important, factors businesses should take into account when selecting a text messaging service for business.

5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Text Messaging Service for Business

Starting your business text messaging journey can be overwhelming. Moreover, many suppliers overpromise and under deliver when it comes to features, functionality, and support. There are many considerations for choosing a provider, and they're different from business to business. However, we've found the following list of questions relevant to just about every industry and organization.

Does it Support Both Large and Small Businesses?

The best business text messaging suppliers support both large and small businesses. The system's features should be scalable to meet the operational capacity of your organization. Additionally, the right SMS and MMS provider will help small companies grow into large-scale, multidimensional powerhouses. With advanced features, next-generation functionality, and superior customer support, small businesses have the technological advantage, and directional insight needed to become texting experts.

Is the Service Reliable and Secure?

Industry-leading business text messaging suppliers offer exceptional reliability and security. These days, a staggering amount of viruses, malware, and other malicious threats are sent via SMS and MMS. Moreover, carriers and devices are always susceptible to security breaches and hacks. These vulnerabilities make it easy for nefarious intruders to steal potentially damaging information. Advanced SMS and MMS providers institute rigorous security protocols to safeguard sensitive user data.

Here are a few questions you should ask when analyzing supplier's security measures:

  • Where is my data stored? How do you protect my data?
  • Who owns my data?
  • Will you send advertisements via text messages to my contacts?
  • Is my list of contacts secure? How do you protect my privacy? What do you ask me for my phone number when I register?

EZ Texting has answers for these and other important security questions in our FAQ.

Does it Provide Advanced Features and Functionality?

The best business text messaging providers offer advanced features and functionality. With ready-access to easy-to-use tools, businesses are well-equipped to become digital communications and marketing champions. Additionally, leading business texting service do not require any advanced technology or expertise to operate the system. Sending messages to targeted contacts should feel effortless.

EZ Texting's business texting service offers advanced features including:

  • Personalized mobile marketing campaigns
  • Intuitive integrations with Constant Contact, Zendesk, Pie Sync, MailChimp, and more
  • Convenient text reminders
  • Powerful contact lists

Additionally, EZ Texting provides an advanced API for companies that have specialized use cases. This API allows you to do much more than send and receive text messages. These advanced features allow you to tightly integrate your application with the EZ Texting platform. In fact, iCARD systems wanted to add functionality to their iCARD Gift Card website, allowing customers to make gift giving easier. EZ Texting added a new My Reminders tool to the My Account section of the iCARD website. From this dashboard, customers can add, edit or cancel SMS text message reminders.


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Will They Help Me Be Successful?

Leading business text messaging providers deliver superior customer service. Before investing in an SMS and MMS supplier, consider this: is the customer support team able to answer all your questions and provide a roadmap towards business texting success? Look to online customer service reviews and prioritize those suppliers that receive the greatest marks!

EZ Texting's Client Success Managers are ready to help and give you a playbook for success. Additionally, our developers and system administrators provide up-to-the-minute alerts regarding system performance.

Since launching in 2006, we've learned a thing or two about marketing and communications for small and medium-size businesses. Allow our helpful and expert Client Success Managers to guide your marketing efforts! EZ Texting offers masterful and convenient support during every step of your text messaging journey.

Is the Service Affordable?

Finally, best-in-class business text messaging providers offer unmatched affordability without sacrificing features or functionality. For any money-conscious business, pricing is often a prohibitive factor when selecting an SMS or MMS supplier. Find a partner that delivers the biggest bang for your buck!

EZ Texting's flexible pricing plans are budget-friendly and packed with powerful features. 

EZ Texting: Your Business Text Messaging Partner

Starting your quest for the right business text messaging partner begins by evaluating your organization's goals, objectives, and budgets. Finding the right text messaging supplier can orient your organization towards rapid and sustained marketing and communications success.

While EZ Texting might not be the perfect fit for every situation, as an industry-leading SMS provider, we would love the chance to earn your businesses. EZ Texting supports thousands of businesses and organizations including UAS Properties. Prior to partnering with EZ Texting for property management and leasing help, UAS Properties spent countless hours managing over 800 rental properties, which includes keeping up and renovating units, collecting rent payments, and more. The company received over 150 calls daily from potential renters looking for housing availabilities. Both aspects of the business required contacting a larger number of people with time-sensitive information. When personal phone calls become too time-consuming and costly, UAS Properties turned to EZ Texting.

On the property management side, UAS Properties saves an estimated $140,000 per year by not having an internal collecting agency. Instead, UAS Properties is able to send a simple text reminder when payments are due. Additionally, renters have the ability to make an automatic payment within minutes.

Mobile marketing offers a low-cost message with real-time responses at rates 10 or more times that of traditional media. Although this marketing modality is relatively new, many small businesses are already using it to boost profits, improve competitiveness, and communication with customers. See how simple it is to get started with EZ Texting:

  • Send a message in 3 easy steps
  • Store your contacts in one convenient place
  • Track your progress on a simple dashboard
  • Check your campaigns on-the-go with our mobile-friendly site

Start your business text messaging journey by calling (855) 854-3024 to learn more about our flexible pricing plans.

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