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5 Ways the Recruitment Industry Uses SMS Texting

Using SMS Texting for Recruitment
5 Ways the Recruitment Industry Uses SMS Texting

As professionals in the recruitment industry know, the best employment candidates are often extremely busy, as they are frequently sought after by numerous employers and headhunters who are in direct competition with one another so SMS for recruiting can prove to be invaluable. Being able to successfully compete for a candidate's time and attention can mean the difference between matching companies with the right applicants and having a deal fall through. Luckily, more and more recruiters are learning that SMS text message marketing is a highly effective way to communicate quickly and efficiently with candidates. SMS texting is also a great tool for communicating with B2B clients and internal administrative staff.

Here are 5 ways the recruitment industry is finding SMS to be an invaluable tool:

1. Costs

SMS messaging saves recruiters a fortune because SMS texts cost just a fraction of what phone calls do. With automation and mass texting, SMS also saves money by keeping time and productivity at an ultra-efficient level.

2. Communication

SMS is an efficient and simple means of communicating with clients, candidates, and staff. With a single text, communicate with all employees or candidates, and control just how often to reach out to specific contact groups while avoiding unnecessary repetition.


Job application follow-up clearly improves applicant and client relations, and there’s no easier or more intimate way of communicating than SMS. While consultant communication with clients and candidates has traditionally been done face-to-face, or at least voice-to-voice, a shortage of time and other resources can limit the capacity for such interaction. However, we live in an age when clients and candidates may even prefer SMS texts, as they are less intrusive than phone calls or in-person meetings. Plus, integrated SMS allows recruiters to effortlessly merge personal data into messages to tailor them for specific recipients, making personalized communication easy and fostering better relationships with candidates, clients, and staff members.

4. Productivity

Integrating SMS into recruitment workflow saves administrative overhead costs by improving productivity. Instead of spending the time it takes to make numerous phone calls or send messages from mobile devices, staff resources can instead be spent in more productive ways. It is simple to upload a list of applicants from existing databases and then send automated mass messages. These messages can always be customized later if desired.


By making SMS reminders part of standard procedure, candidate no-shows and staffing problems can be dramatically reduced. As a result, brand reputation is better protected, and applicant reliability increases.Integrated SMS text messaging also allows important job assignment details from existing software systems to be easily incorporated into customized, detailed messages. Therefore, with SMS text messaging, there's no need to worry about whether staff, clients, and candidates know exactly where to report, when to report, and how to prepare.

For those in the recruitment industry, keeping track of the many different players and moving parts that are involved in a typical hiring opportunity may require a vast amount of work. Thanks to SMS text messaging, however, a quick, effective, and cost-saving way of coordinating logistics and staying in touch is always within reach.

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