5 Ways Texting for Car Dealerships Is Streamlining Services

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December 2, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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When it comes to business, you need to stay in the driver’s seat. Texting’s high-octane communications help you connect with customers like no other channel — thanks to push notifications, powerful Reminder Campaigns for upcoming service appointments, and 1-on-1 conversational messaging to respond to inquiries quickly and effectively.

Just like it’s essential for drivers to keep their vehicles safe for the road and operating optimally, it’s crucial that you keep your dealership's messaging revved up and ready to go with these 5 key solutions:


Remind Customers About Upcoming Services to Reduce No-Shows

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People are busy and sometimes life (and missed appointments) happen. But sending an automated reminder text before appointments gently reminds customers of visits they’ve set up, thus eliminating (or at least greatly reducing) costly no-shows.


Remind Customers of Appointments They Should Set Up

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Automatize maintenance reminder campaigns to keep drivers on track with routine services. Whether it’s an oil change, tire rotation, or mileage check-up — ensure that customers stay on track for optimal handling of vehicles… as well as a steady pipeline of business.


Streamline Customer Service Quotes & Approvals for Repairs via 1-on-1 Chat

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Customers have become accustomed to immediate results — whether this is shopping online or receiving real-time communications. Because of this, they’ve also learned to expect such streamlined engagement from services they frequent. Dealerships and auto mechanics who don’t deliver could get bypassed in favor of those that do.

Getting car repairs isn’t particularly fun for anyone — which is why it’s particularly important to keep the process as painless as possible. Texting streamlines headaches by moving moving everything along at a fast clip. Text drivers service quotes and, thanks to push notifications and 1-on-1 Chat, you can receive their answers promptly.


Notify Customers When Services Are Complete

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Sure, you may have a beautiful lobby — but that doesn’t mean that drivers are hoping to spend all day waiting around for their cars. Perhaps they will spend time nearby, running errands in wait for completion of services.

Either way, they’ll appreciate a text to learn that their vehicle is ready to go. Stay in touch via text notifications that will get their attention.


Streamline Vehicle Pick-Up & Drop-Off

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Many dealerships and repair services offer contactless at-home or at-work vehicle pickup for service. Not only can this save car owners the time to bring their vehicles into the shop, but it is also an extra safety precaution for both customers and employees. Maintain social distance by limiting personal contact for these services throughout the hand-off.

Whether customers are busy working from home, working at the office, or juggling online schooling — they prefer to receive notifications via text, as opposed to stopping to take a phone call. Phone calls can be disruptive and are more likely to get sent straight to voicemail… and then promptly ignored.

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