6 Ways SMS Texting Can Streamline Mobile Workforce Management

SMS Texting for Trucking Recruitment
6 Ways SMS Texting Can Streamline Mobile Workforce Management

Clear, fast, and effective communication can pose a challenge in a business with a mobile or distributed workforce such as trucking, construction, or healthcare. The answer may be as simple as text messaging.

When new circumstances or demands crop up that require your business or workforce to pivot, collaboration readiness is essential. SMS messaging’s wide adoption rate and 98% engagement rate –  nearly 90% of texts are read within three minutes – means you can feel confident that your critical messages will be seen. Texts are also more easily accessed than emails by a dispersed workforce, and can be personalized for individual recipients.

Here are six of the most common communication scenarios faced by fleet managers and field supervisors and how SMS text messaging can provide fast and impactful communication with mobile employees in each:

1. Broadcast Safety or Weather Contingencies

When unforeseen circumstances and unsafe conditions hit you need to be able to deliver instructions swiftly in a way your workers are sure to see. A simple SMS notification on their phones will grab their attention and get your message across without fail.

2. Communicate Changes in Setting or Plan

Logistics involves many moving parts. The ability to deploy a quick SMS text to update your drivers or teams about a change in destination or delays in the supply chain could mean the difference between smooth sailing and confusion, conflict, lost time, and forfeit revenue. 

3. Segment Field Teams for Targeted Communications

Set up custom Keywords for different teams and employee groups so that your staff can opt in as necessary to receive targeted scheduling notifications. Follow up any and all of these actions with an SMS alert to make sure everyone has seen it and to facilitate any questions.

4. Relay Industry or HR News

SMS texting is a great way to alert your teams about HR updates including housekeeping notifications, changes to rules or requirements, or reminders about vehicle or equipment maintenance. An SMS text can be used to grab their attention and can include a link to additional information and documents.

5. Inform on Technology Updates 

These days most trucks and transportation fleets use software for navigation and vehicle monitoring. Electronic Logging Devices, or ELDs, are now required for most carriers and drivers. However, different devices work differently, and unexpected software updates can mean confusion. SMS texting allows you to notify workers if a software update or change in technology is going to affect them.

6. Send Surveys & Request Feedback

When changes are made to company policy or operations — whether it be workload, route, or schedule — you need to check in with the field regarding adoption and give workers a chance to be heard. Sending out a quick survey or poll by SMS text allows you to do both with the assurance your message will garner more responses faster than a similar surveys delivered by voice or email.

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