How Gyms & Fitness Studios Can Attract New Members

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July 13, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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It’s time to get back to the gym.

Encourage new clients to get their heart rates racing… while you focus on your success rate. Attract new gym members, bring former members back into the fold — and grow your gym or fitness business.

The quickest way to reach people is through text message marketing. Thanks to texting’s push notification system, messages are opened at a 98% rate. Even better, they’re opened at a fast clip — typically read within minutes (or even seconds) of receipt. This means that the recipient is more likely to respond to your call to action — and quickly.

Build a list of prospective new members by revving up your SMS subscriber list. Traditional marketing channels like direct mail, print, and broadcast are too expensive and digital channels like email, social media, and pay-per-click are crowded.

It’s been quite a year. With the shuttering of many gyms during the pandemic, people have become accustomed to working out on their own, moving along to social media videos, or building personal spaces at home.

Now you don’t simply need to get clients off the couch — you also need to get them off Zoom classes and back into your fitness facility.

Rev up business fast with a targeted subscriber list of interested leads. Give leads that may have grown stale a little extra nudge with a splashy can’t-miss promotion and watch your membership roster grow.

How to Grow a Gym Business: Build a Text Marketing List

How do you lose COVID weight? Hit the gym. How do you grow your gym business? Add text marketing.

There’s no substitute for putting in hard work. But why work up a sweat when you don’t have to? With SMS notifications, it’s as easy as a few clicks and building a great text marketing list.


Use Keywords on Marketing Materials

Make it simple for prospective clients to text and learn more and join subscriber lists. Keywords are the most efficient way to build a text message marketing campaign, grow your gym, and sign up new members.

How can you integrate them into your campaigns? It’s easy. Just advertise them via attention-grabbing signage, billboards, TV/radio spots, your website, or social media postings.

But what is a Keyword? Simply put, Keywords are a word or a phrase that people can use to join your database. You’ve seen them in ads prompting you to text “KICKBOXING” or “JOIN” to a textable number. Here, KICKBOXING and JOIN are the Keywords.

Marketing Materials with Keywords


Compliancy is Key for an Optimized SMS Database

All businesses, including gyms and fitness studios, must remember to get express written agreement of consent to opt-in to SMS subscriber lists.

And yes, this even includes gyms that’ve been in business since the age of legwarmers and jazzercise — and can count long-time, loyal members who’ve subscribed to messages by phone and email.

You must also get express consent for text messages as well to remain SMS compliant and in good standing. EZ Texting streamlines such issues and more with our straightforward contacts management system that helps you keep track of comms, ensure your opt-in list is up-to-date and conveniently upload compliant contacts into your database. Further simplify the process by segmenting contacts (ie members, leads, staff).

Additionally, our SafeSTOP feature eliminates compliance risk with our revolutionary, secure process for opting out, setting preferences, or reporting unwanted texts.

How to Attract New Members to a Gym: Activate Subscriber Lists Via Text

SMS and MMS text messaging can add some extra muscle to your marketing efforts, from enticing promotions to important referrals. When your messaging is sure to be seen, you can expect recipients are more likely to act.


Encourage More Referrals & More Business with SMS

You’ll ramp up membership rosters by expanding referrals. Some people may feel shy about joining a gym or exercise routine solo and will be more interested if they already have a friend at your club. Still others want a verified opinion of someone who’s already been a member and can vouch for the gym’s facilities and trainers.

Sample Text Message

Text messages are a fast and effective way to reach new leads by engaging with your members. Emails often get lost in crowded inboxes and are entirely forgotten. But texts resonate with their push notification system, immediately alerting the recipient upon arrival.

Message your members and offer referral bonuses… such as a credit for membership fees, percentage off training sessions, or a nice discount at the gym’s spa or gift shop.


Host Events to Drive More Sign Ups

Sample Text Message

Encourage more opt ins by hosting member events — and allowing members to bring a guest. When that guest arrives, request that they fill out a card for more information about joining… and include the option to sign up for special text-only promotional deals.

Afterwards, follow up with guests with offers of a one-week pass or a special discount to encourage them to sign up for a membership.


Use 1-on-1 Chat Messaging to Respond to Inquiries

Sample Text Message

Let quick response times be your cardio — and field incoming questions swiftly and easily with 1-on-1 Chat while increasing engagement with leads. Answer any questions fast — before a lead might sign up at a competitor’s gym. Once a lead has decided to join a gym, time is very much of the essence. They won’t sit around waiting for you — after they’ve made the decision to focus on their health and get in shape.

So don’t dawdle. Lengthy games of phone tag are like gym equipment that just sits in the corner: useless. People are on the go, even when not at the gym, so you want to be able to reach them quickly and effectively.

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