7 Ways to Attract New Members to Your Yoga & Pilates Studio

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July 27, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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Who couldn’t use a little more zen in their lives? Many are coming out of one of the most stressful years of their lives, and many more are looking for new ways to be centered.

Yoga and pilates studios are a booming business, whether you conduct your practices over zoom or IRL. Whether your business is membership-driven, or you offer single drop-in class options, private lessons, daily live online classes, on-demand classes, or a hybrid of any and all options — you can attract new members easier than ever with SMS text messaging.

Thanks to texting’s push notification system, messages are opened at a 98% rate — typically read within minutes (or even seconds) of receipt — you customers and clients are more likely to respond to your call to action — and quickly. Build a list of prospective new students — and encourage former students to rejoin and remain engaged with their practice — by growing your SMS subscriber list.

Here, seven ways for your yoga or pilates studio to grow your business with text marketing.



open rate of text messages — typically read within minutes (or even seconds) of receipt


Boost New Sign-Ups with Keywords on Marketing Materials

Advertise Keywords with special promos and you’ll not only encourage prospective students to join your subscriber list — you’ll also increase class buys.

Sample Text Message

Promote a text call to action like “Text FREEYOGA to 954.555.1234” and send an automated reply with a link confirming the free credit.

But what is a Keyword? Simply put, Keywords are a word or a phrase that people can use to join your database. You’ve seen them in ads prompting you to text “PILATES” or “JOIN” to a textable number. Here, PILATES and JOIN are the Keywords.

How can you integrate them into your campaigns? It’s easy. Just advertise them via attention-grabbing signage, billboards, TV/radio spots, website, or social media postings.


Promote Special Yoga Classes at Your Studio with Text Alerts

Sample Text Message

Vinyasa, Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar… there’s a traditional yoga specialty for everyone. And it seems as if everyone has a particular favorite that they always gravitate to.

But why not encourage a little variety. Go beyond traditional class offerings and introduce specialty classes that may pique curiosity among students, and generate extra business.

Yoga may be an ancient practice, but yoga trends are a mainstay of the business. Couples yoga, glow yoga, even goat yoga have all become popular twists on a traditional practice.

Keep up on trends and text students new offers on unique classes.


Offer Exclusive VIP Deals to Text Subscribers

Sample Text Message

There are two kinds of yoga and pilates students. Those that like deals, and those that… no, wait, actually everyone likes a great deal.

Run exclusive promotions via text message that ensure subscribers will want to opt in to your database and easily get new yoga students to join your studio.

PRO TIP: Generate extra attention by including imagery. MMS images can increase engagement by 250% as compared to text-only SMS.


Stay Top of Mind & Keep Students Engaged with Texts

Whether you’re sending daily yogic reminders or small MMS videos showcasing daily yoga poses (tree pose, cat pose, bakasana), you’ll be sure to stay top of mind (and heart).

Sample Text Message

In a yoga or pilates studio, dropout can be common. Prevent it entirely by sending text messages to keep yoga a daily practice with students.


Promote Special Causes with SMS

Sample Text Message

Many people practice yoga and pilates as a way to destress, relax, breathe in the calm, and get grounded. Yoga and pilates may be a physical practice, but it is also a restorative one.

Spread some extra positivity and promote special causes that your students are likely to embrace. Raising money for a local charity and supporting an issue that your students value can deepen your connection.


Encourage More Referrals & More Business with SMS

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Grow your pilates and yoga business by expanding referrals. Yoga is even better with a friend. And some people may be more interested in joining — or go more regularly — when they go with someone.

Message your members and offer referral bonuses… such as a class credit or a nice discount for yoga apparel.


Use 1-on-1 Chat Messaging to Respond to Inquiries

Sample Text Message

Be flexible in almost everything — but try to always keep up swift response times. Field incoming questions with 1-on-1 Chat and increase engagement with leads. Answer any concerns quickly — before a lead might sign up at a competitor’s studio.

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