Advertising Your SMS Marketing Channel In-Store:

01 Dec

If you want to entice customers to opt-in to receive special offers, promotions, and store information, then you need to get creative and diligent about getting your SMS mobile marketing while they’re in store! That means advertising your SMS marketing campaigns anywhere it seems most appropriate and engaging. In-store displays, product tags, coupons, receipts, and even floor mats are just a few ideas for placement.

To hone in on proven tactics, it would be prudent to take a look at what other brands are doing and how they’re becoming successful in building their SMS text advertising lists. ACE Hardware, for example, has created well-designed and well-placed signs throughout their stores to grow their SMS marketing lists…and it’s working! But just as important as the design and placement of advertisements is the incentive provided for customers to opt-in. Brands must make it worth a consumer’s while to give up their personal information. Customers want to know that they will be engaged with appropriately, respectfully, and be given exclusive opportunities to earn rewards and save money via creative SMS marketing campaigns.

Plus, remember the importance of social media when developing a mobile marketing strategy. Integrating in-store advertising and coupon offers with Facebook & Twitter, utilizing contests, polls, and other inventive engagement methods can help increase subscriber databases. Such social media initiatives can all be added to the in-store text marketing displays or to separate in-store displays.

Focus on the key elements in building a successful SMS marketing list:
  • Ad Design: Must be attractive and easy to read
  • In-Store Ad Place placement: Make it noticeable and non-intrusive
  • Great Incentives: Compel customers to engage with special coupon codes and exclusive promotions
  • Social Media Integration: Make the campaign viral with social integration

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