Apple iOS 11.2 Bug Disables Dollar Sign and More in Text Messages

05 Jan

After a launch plagued with issues, Apple’s 11.2 and now 11.2.1 operating systems are creating headaches for mobile marketers. As of January 4, 2018, over 50% of iOS users are on 11.2. That said, iPhones only make up about 40% of the total market in the U.S. and Canada

Here’s the scoop: When an iPhone user running iOS 11.2 or above gets a text message with a dollar sign in front of a number, or the word “dollar(s)” or “bucks” in front of a number, the phone strips out any hyperlinks in the message.

So, if your text message says, “Save 5 bucks by clicking the link” the link would not be clickable for those affected iPhone users.

Strangely, if you add a dash in between the number and dollar sign or use two dollar signs instead of one, the link will show. We suggest trying these workarounds and sending test message internally, before sending to your subscribers.

DO – Consider using a percentage instead of a dollar amount, add a dash, multiple dollar signs, or avoiding mentions of currency altogether.



DO Examples:

“Get 10% off your purchase when you fill out the survey at

“Save 10 on your next order, at

“Save 10-dollars on your next order

“Save $$10 on your next order


DON’T – Use the word dollar or dollars, bucks, or the dollar sign in next to a number or number word.

DON’T Examples:

“Save $10 on your next purchase at...”

“Save 10 $ on your next purchase at...”

“Get Ten Dollars off when you call...”

“Save 15 Bucks when you when you fill out the survey at...”

This bug has been reported to Apple and they have not said when it will be fixed. In the meantime, try using a workaround, and always test these kinds of messages before you send to your subscribers.

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