Are Your Opt-Outs on the Rise? Here's What to Do

Reversing Text Opt-Outs
Are Your Opt-Outs on the Rise? Here's What to Do

Are your customers unsubscribing every time you send out a text message? Ouch: that kind of unpopularity is not just a blow to the ego, it can also damage your business. If your opt-outs are on the rise, check this list to see if you can determine why people are leaving when you send an SMS marketing message.

1. Accept a Few Opt-Outs 

There will always be people who opt out of your text message program. If you notice a few each time you send out a text, don't be alarmed. They were probably not the best fit for your business and have moved on. 

2. Look at Your Timing 

Interestingly enough, opt-outs increase on the weekend. This could be because your customers have some time to consider whether they want to get your messages, or they would prefer to relax and not see texts flowing into their mobile. If you notice that your opt-outs are increasing, consider coordinating campaigns to send out texts during regular business hours.

3. Spice It Up 

Are you sending out the same old message all the time? If your offer is old or your customers feel like they have seen the same one multiple times, they won't find value in your SMS marketing. Add variety to your marketing to make sure that you delight customers with your interesting texts and keep them around.

4. Hit the Mark 

Do you collect data on your customers? If you don't have a deep understanding of their interests, then the text messages you send out may not be relevant. Make sure that you have strong customer segments and that you send out messages that resonate with each one. 

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5. Reduce the Wave 

Are you a little overenthusiastic when it comes to your SMS marketing campaign? According to Brandetize, "2-4 texts per month is optimal." If you're sending out many messages every week, your customers could simply feel overwhelmed. Make sure that every message you send is well thought out and of high value to your customers, rather than just another text in the pile. 

6. Make Sure that You Have the OK 

Your customers need to know what they're signing up for when they subscribe to your text marketing program. Did you add a lot of new numbers to your list recently? Did they all receive a welcome message? According to Pierry, when someone signs up for your text messages, you should "reply with a quick welcome message that outlines who you are and what the user has just signed up for." 

7. Watch Your Tone 

Did you crack a joke in your last text and see a wave of opt-outs in return? Conveying humor in 160 characters is hard. If you change the tone of your texts, expect to see some opt-outs as people will react to this new tone. To retain your existing customers, keep a consistent feel to your business.

8. Choose Diversity Over Persistence 

If you notice that one of your text messages falls flat, don't reuse it in the hopes that more people will redeem your offer. Instead, look for a different offer that will intrigue your customers. If you persist in sending out the same ineffective offer, customers will opt out.

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