What Is the Best SMS Messaging Service in 2020?

What Is the Best SMS Messaging Service in 2020?

It's no secret why thousands of industry-leading enterprises, small businesses, nonprofits, and organizations use EZ Texting to initiate value-driven text marketing promotions and campaigns to prospects and customers.

These businesses and organizations know that Short Message Service (SMS) marketing actually works and here are some statistics to prove it:

  • Among the 18-34 age bracket, texting is the preferred communications channel
  • 50% of recipients respond to text messages in under three minutes
  • 75% of millennials prefer SMS communication for deliveries and promotions
  • 30 of recipients check mobile devices immediately after waking up
  • 30% of recipients use mobile devices for online shopping

Where else can you find the immediacy, personalization, and ease-of-use that only an SMS messaging service can deliver? Nowhere.


What Is the Best SMS Messaging Service in 2020? How EZ Texting Became a Recognized Text Marketing Provider

So, how did we become one of the most recognized SMS messaging services in the industry, and why do more businesses and organizations choose us over competitors?

Our clients know that we overdeliver on the following:

1. Amazing Features

Did you know that EZ Texting offers the very latest text marketing features? Here is just a small preview of the amazing features that our clients love:

Keywords and Short Codes: Keywords (SUBSCRIBE) make it easy to grow your contact list when paired with a Short Code (313131).

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS): Unlike a plain text message, MMS messaging has a much greater potential. We make it easy to send JPEG, GIF, PNG, WABV, MP3, 3GP, and MP4 files to mobile recipients.

Text-to-Landline: Did you know that more than 150 million messages are sent daily to non-mobile users? Our landline texting service enables businesses to send and receive text messages online via an existing business landline. Our service doesn't require any changes to your voice service or equipment.

Personalization: First and last names can be added automatically to outgoing correspondence. This is a great way to add a personalized touch to your text marketing campaigns.

Drip Campaigns: We make it easy to send a timed series of text messages. Just upload your contacts, create your campaign, and hit send – it's that easy.

To get started, we recommend starting a free trial.

2. Superior Customer Support

Our textperts are always available to answer your text marketing questions or concerns. From simple troubleshooting to system on-boarding and training, our textperts are ready to orient you and your business or organization towards sustained text message marketing success.

"They have over the top customer service," said Alexa F. on Capterra. "This is a great software to retain customers. They use smart marketing to text customers and I find that most customers will see a text vs. an email."

3. Affordability

Compared t0 other marketing solutions, text messaging is one of the most affordability. Our text-to-landline service is priced a la carte. Additionally, there are no hidden fees or additional add-ons. Moreover, there are no additional costs to your customers. Your customers can start texting you right now – free!

4. Ease of Use

It's super easy to send a text message with a mass text messaging platform like EZ Texting. There are no mysterious algorithms to optimize for as you do with Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and you don't have to write catchy subject lines to get people to open messages. Simply choose a group of contacts, add your message, and hit send. Before long, you'll have customers lining up at your door.

To send a text message from a business landline, follow these simple and easy steps:

  1. Sign up to text-enable your business landline
  2. Update your website and business listings and notify customers that they can now text your landline phone number
  3. Log into EZ Chat and read text messages that your customers have sent
  4. Respond to customer messages in EZ Chat

5. Track Record of Success

Finally, our track record of success has allowed us to become an industry-leading and recognized text message marketing provider. We hear from customers daily!

In fact, the small businesses of Searcy, Arkansas used EZ Texting to launch a text marketing campaign to win a contest to be featured on Small Business Revolution, a television show that air on Hulu and is championed by Deluxe.

Start Texting Today With EZ Texting

We've helped over 160,00 enterprises, businesses, and nonprofits to initiate high-value text message marketing campaigns. We have seen some of the amazing things that these organizations do with our platform, and we are well-equipped to help position your organization for sustained text message marketing success.

Additionally, our text-to-landline service makes it simple and easy to get started quickly. This service will enable your business to send and receive text messages online via an existing business landline with no changes to your existing voice service or equipment – it's that easy!

Is text-to-landline right for your business or organization?


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