The Best of Small Business Reddit — The Most Insightful Threads & Subreddits to Join

There's a lot of great small business information on Reddit, but finding it isn't always easy. Start here.

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May 10, 2022
Amir Deen
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Owning a small business can be a rewarding experience that allows you to feel the gratifying results of your hard work. However, navigating life as a small business owner can be challenging, and finding guidance isn’t always easy.

Small business Reddit threads are a great resource for you to find helpful insights about running a business. Though /r/SmallBusiness has a lot to offer, combing through dozens of threads can be overwhelming. Lucky for you, we’ve scoured through /r/SmallBusiness to find insightful threads to help you take advantage of all the small business stories Reddit has to offer.

1. "Solved 'no call no show' problem for an absentee owner…"

In this thread, u/tek4biz shares his solution that small business owners should use an Amazon IoT (Internet of things) device with a button that employees need to press when they arrive at work and to notify employers if someone doesn’t check-in.

  • To avoid the “no call no show” problem, you can install an Amazon IoT device.
  • This will give you time to find someone to cover a shift if an employee doesn’t show up.


2. "PSA: Restaurants relying on third-party delivery, check your 'error charges' and 'adjustments' for fraud daily"

In this insightful thread, u/Conscious_Badger warns restaurant owners of the ease with which customers can wrongfully get a full refund through third-party delivery apps, and stresses the importance of monitoring for this type of fraud.

  • Customer fraud has become more common at restaurants through third-party delivery apps.
  • Restaurant owners should be on the lookout for suspicious refunds that are coming from the same customers.

Small business owner looking at their phone and happy to be learning something from a small business subreddit.

3. "I spent 6,000 dollars launching my kids clothing line and made 150 dollars"

A clever reply to this thread by u/papiwablo suggests that u/HELLOitz’s business needs to improve its website, drop its prices, and focus on the “why” rather than the “how.”

  • A lackluster website and high prices can cause a customer to become distrustful.
  • You should communicate the “why” of your brand rather than just the “how.”


4. "If you're starting a small business, the ability to be genuinely courteous is one of the most important soft skills you can have"

In this thread, u/IvikaMil shares the importance of being genuinely courteous when starting a new business, as clients and partners will remember the impression you and your employees make.

  • Being genuinely courteous is an important skill to display when starting a new business.
  • It can help to remind yourself that without clients and partners you wouldn’t have a business.


5. "Yelp is attempting to extort our small family business…"

This eye-opening thread created by u/gnosp exposes the disheartening tactics that Yelp sometimes uses to upsell its advertising services by distorting reviews if someone refuses to upgrade their Yelp service.

  • Be wary of creating a Yelp profile, as they may attempt to force you into buying their advertising service.
  • Instead of using Yelp, you can utilize other business reviewing platforms and create your own business website.

Small business owner looking at their phone and happy to be learning something from a small business subreddit.

6. "I have a hard stop rule. Does anybody else do this?"

In this helpful thread, u/laughterwithans shares his rule to only answer customer calls and emails during allotted business hours, even when working on weekends.

  • If you run a business from home, make sure only to respond to customers during allotted business hours.
  • Setting customer expectations is important, and your mental health can benefit from being strict with your customer service hours.


7. "Four very simple, actionable things that will dramatically improve the copy on your website"

In this thread created by u/tongueinloftuscheek outlines four rules to make your website’s copy better and increase sales.

  • Get rid of the fluff and write the same way you talk.
  • Simplify your copy and focus on the benefits of a product or service rather than the features.

Other Useful Subreddits for Small Business Owners

In addition to /r/SmallBusiness, Reddit has a number of informative subreddits that you can benefit from as a small business owner. Here are a few:

  • /r/startups: A great place to find solutions and advice from others who have started businesses.
  • /r/business: A place to find insight on the latest business news along with personal business experiences and advice.
  • /r/Entrepreneur: Your one-stop shop to find useful business tips and network with others involved in entrepreneurial ventures.
  • /r/marketing: The subreddit for all marketing-related questions, advice, and discussions.
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