Best Practices to Acquire New Customers

08 Nov

Having a passionate, loyal, and cult-like customer base is the goal of every company. When they love you, they’ll line up overnight for whatever you’re selling. But how can you leverage bulk texting to acquire customers and create lifelong fans out of them?

How to get customers to subscribe

You have a life-changing message for your customers - maybe a new product/service, or perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime sales promo - but you just wish you had more customers to tell. So how can you catch their eye and be the friend they can’t live without?

Keywords are special phrases that can be advertised anywhere – social media, radio/TV ads, etc. – and they’re designed to get people excited about engaging with your business.

Keywords are 2 to 12 characters in length (characters are letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation marks) and they should be created strategically to help you achieve company goals; in this case, increasing your customer base by giving them a reason to text you.

If you’re a restaurant, you could advertise “Text CHEAPFOOD to 313131 and receive 10% off your entire bill!” The keyword is CHEAPFOOD, you’re giving your customers a call to action, and when they text you, you’ll provide them a discount code; you’ll also have their contact information for future campaigns.

Generally speaking, the more creative your keywords are, the more memorable they’ll be, and customers will be more likely to text them to you. Further, you’ll need to legally provide language regarding opt-in permissions, frequency of texts, how customers can opt-out, etc.

How do you make signups easy?

Building your own sign up forms can be difficult, so what can business owners do to solve this challenge? Use our widget tools! Widgets are lead forms you can create for customers to fill out, and EZ Texting’s widgets are easy to build and place on your website or social media channels. To entice them to sign up, you’ll probably want to offer them something, such as a discount or invitation to a future event.

Standard practice is to include fields for first name, last name, and mobile number. Longer forms help you learn more about your customers, but they may drop out the more information they have to give up. Shorter forms have a higher completion rate, but they don’t provide as much customer data.

EZ Texting provides three types of widgets for you to use:

  • Hosted: Upload an image of your choice, and when users click on it, the lead form you created will appear for customers to fill out. A common place to host this widget is your website. Don’t have the coding knowledge or resources? We can also provide you with a link that users can click on to sign up.
  • Embedded: This form is placed on your website, and customers can see it all at once.
  • Facebook: This widget can be put on your Facebook page, such as in a post.

Regardless of how you acquire customer info and build your contact base, EZ Texting’s platform automatically stores your captured data to help you leverage it in future marketing campaigns.

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