5 Best Practices for Retail Holiday Text Marketing in 2021

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December 1, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

There’ll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, and items flying off (real and virtual) shelves. Holiday jingle bells in retail — whether brick-and-mortar or click-and-mortar — tend to have a nice ‘ka-ching, ka-ching’ ring to them.

Make sure your messaging cuts through all the holiday clutter with text messaging, which is proven to be the best channel to reach customers with 98% of messages opened — most of which are read within minutes of receipt.

Here’s your quick five-step guide to creating a winning retail promotions strategy for the holidays:


of consumers want to receive text messaging from businesses


Start Earlier Than You Think You Need To

In fact, start now.

Right now, if at all possible. Issues in the supply chain are all over the news, ensuring that many consumers are already beginning to plan and purchase holiday gifts.

You don’t want to miss their business. In September alone, consumers were outpacing themselves — spending at a much faster pace than expected — and this could very well increase as we head into the Christmas and Haunkkah gift-giving seasons. Don’t let the supply chain issues put a cramp into your bottom line.

  • Remind shoppers of the need to buy early by sending texted reminder messages (including New Year’s).
  • Continue to engage them by sending text prompts with MMS imagery of covert-worthy merchandise that will keep you top-of-mind.
  • Text customers links to your website, and gift-giving list options to streamline their shopping lists.

So make merry, but make haste as well.


Drive Customers to Your Door with Mobile Discounts & Coupons

Everyone likes a discount. Particularly this time of year, when they’re not just exciting to receive — but very much expected.

Mobile coupons are used at a vastly higher rate than either printed or emailed coupons, meaning SMS and MMS texts can help you cash in.

  • A recent survey reported that 25% of people redeem texted coupons within three days, while a full 60% redeem them within a week.
  • When the coupon is sent with an MMS image, GIF, audio or video file — you can expect up to 250% more engagement.


A Text Is the Perfect Nudge to Solve Abandoned Cart Syndrome

Shopping interruptus. Hey, it happens. But as long as you can bring the customer back into the fold, you don’t let it have to ruin your holiday business.

Customers get busy and may simply forget to check out. Or perhaps they were debating about an item? Or waiting for the price to go lower?

No matter what the reason for an abandoned cart — when you automate messaging with SMS, you can encourage customers to return to your sales funnel. The faster the reminder is delivered, the more likely the customer is to act.

Texting customers with reminders about special promotions will bring them back to your site. Major sales help curb cart abandonment (i.e., Black Friday and Cyber Monday typically see a 5-10% decrease). Some other ideas to boost your SMS abandoned cart strategies include:

  • Increase urgency with phrases like “Low Inventory” or “Running Out”
  • Boost engagement with two-way texting
  • Streamlining payments through secure SMS links

… and for more tips, check out our 10 Steps to Cure Abandoned Cart Syndrome article.


Use Text Marketing to Transform Your Customer Service

83% of consumers want to receive text messaging from businesses.

Why? Because texting comes straight to the device we’re all carrying — our cell phones. Customers can easily click on any links you send at a time it’s most convenient to them; they don’t need to be on their laptops, they can shop anywhere, and they can even be extra tempted by fabulous impulse buys.

Some of your customers are even trying to text you, and you don’t want to miss their messages.

  • Respond quickly to incoming text queries
  • Offer exciting mobile loyalty programs and rewards they can't get anywhere else
  • Easily send receipts, delivery confirmations, and tracking updates

You’ll transform your customer service and nurture these all important relationships.


Use the Momentum of the Holidays to Power Loyalty Programs

Take advantage of the boost in traffic (both IRL and online) and promote your loyalty program to keep customers engaged all year long. Pair textable numbers with QR codes on signage and receipts, easy-to-remember Keywords, and opt-ins on your website and social media channels.


Want to see even more retail holiday texting tips? Watch our video 5 More Holiday Text Marketing Secrets for Retailers:

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