Best Practices for a Successful Back-to-School Campaign

Best Practices for a Successful Back-to-School Campaign

When you're planning for back-to-school season, don't let marketing opportunities slip through your fingers. Parents, kids, and teachers spend lots of money as the school season looms closer, so put some of these strategies to use in your text marketing campaign.

Target Kids and Parents Separately

When it comes to text marketing, segmentation is key. You must target different audiences with separate messages if you want your words to resonate.

For instance, tweens and teens with their own smartphones might want to receive messages about clothing, locker decor, and other items they might buy for themselves, often without parental oversight. Meanwhile, parents want to save money on more practical supplies, while teachers need to outfit their rooms and their briefcases with the essentials.

Create marketing plans for each of those target audiences. You can also segment them further, especially when it comes to teens. For instance, you might want separate campaigns for girls and boys.

Get Active on Social Media With Image-Heavy Posts

Even if you're already active on social media, your tweets and posts need to ramp up as kids get ready to go back to school. They may be more active on the most popular platforms because they're connecting with their friends, sharing tips, and likely bemoaning the end of summer.

All of these actions can lead them to your brand if you play your cards right.

Target your audiences with messages that apply specifically to them. Use lots of images, especially when you're trying to gain the attention of younger audiences, including millennials who are heading to universities and trade schools.

Host a Back-to-School Event With Steep Discounts

Discounted merchandise can attract consumers faster than just about any other marketing strategy. This is particularly true for big families that might need supplies for several students, from clothing to pens and pencils.

Depending on the type of business you run, attract those consumers by discounting your products as much as possible. You don't have to rely exclusively on percent-off deals, either. For instance, you can encourage multiple purchases with BOGO or BOGO half off. 

Pay careful attention to profit margins when discounting merchandise. You want to bring people in the door — whether figuratively (online) or literally (in a brick-and-mortar store) — but if you discount your inventory too steeply, you'll lose revenue.

Target Professionals and Students Simultaneously

Back-to-school season doesn't just apply to students. Teachers, bus drivers, administrators, and other education professionals also go back to work.

Even if your business doesn't target the younger crowd, you can still use your back-to-school marketing campaign to generate more revenue. Just target the people on the other side of the classroom.

The more you promote back-to-school promotions via text marketing, the greater rewards you'll reap. Don't miss this opportunity by failing to start an SMS campaign, regardless of the type of business you run. Sign up for free to learn about all the benefits that EZ Texting has to offer.


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