Boost Attendance for Your Friday Fish Fry with SMS Messages

09 Feb

February is moving fast and Lent is right around the corner. Fish Fries are popular events at church during Lent, but how can you let congregants know the details of your seasonal fish fry? SMS is a great way to invite customers to the Friday evening fish fry and remind them to show up! Check out how you can boost attendance to your fish fry with EZ Texting.

Create Your List of Contacts

You want high attendance at your Friday night fish fry during lent this year. Creating a quality contact list is an important first step for inviting your congregation. Your list of contacts will need to only include members of your congregation that want to be contacted. This means you’ll need their consent to contact them.

Opt-In Contacts

You must stay compliant when reaching out to your contacts, which means you must have consent to message them. Consent is very important to protect both you and your contacts. Don’t let this overwhelm you though. EZ Texting Keywords allow your contacts to give you this consent with one simple text. Share your keyword on your bulletin, for example a poster can say “Text CHURCHEVENTS to 313131 to receive alerts about upcoming events!” Your congregants can text to that keyword to automatically be added to your contact list.

Setup Your Messages

Now that you’ve built your contact list, its times to send a text to your congregants to raise their interest for your Friday night fish fry. Your message should grab your parishioners attention and include helpful information for your event. For example, your message could say “Friday Fish Fry coming up this Friday at 6pm in the church parking lot. See you there!”

Share your excitement about the upcoming fish fry and tell your congregants all of the information they need to know: date, time, location, and price. This personal and informative text message to your fish fry will grab your contacts attention and increase attendance. Once your message is created and is ready to raise interest in your contacts, the next step is to hit send.

Setup Reminders

Your congregants received your first message that let them know about the fish fry, but we could all use a reminder when we are busy. You want your fish fry to be successful and have a great turn out. Sending a reminder to your contacts is a great way to keep your event on their radar and increase attendance. Your reminder message can be simple, “Don’t forget - our Friday Fish Fry is tomorrow at 6pm in the church parking lot! See you there!”

EZ Texting’s reminder campaigns will make sending these reminders effortless. Schedule personal, timely reminders to your contacts ahead of time to really boost attendance and increase engagement without taking up all of your time. Your reminder message should grab their attention and keep their interest until the fish fry!

Time to Get Started

EZ Texting is here to help you boost your attendance and have a successful fish fry at your church. When you’re ready to reach your congregants wherever they are, our customer service team is standing by to help you through each step with helpful tips and best practices. Call (866) 676-2180 or give it a try today!


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