Boost Your Non-Profit's Impact with Effective Communication

10 Nov

Non-profits exist to improve some aspect of the world, but you must have open lines of communication to achieve this goal — both within your organization and between your non-profit and the public. If you want to improve communication in the latter effort, you can use the following strategies.

Get Active on Social Media

Several non-profits have experienced considerable success with social media campaigns. For instance, organizations like World Bicycle Relief, Neverthirst, and World Help have leveraged Instagram to share their messages and engage their community.

The best social media campaigns have several goals:

  • Inform: Let the public know about your cause and why it matters. Use statistics whenever possible to make the cause more visceral and real, and don't be afraid to share images and videos that capture your audience's attention and bring the cause to them.
  • Tap emotions: Many people donate to non-profits because they empathize with the cause. They don't want to see people suffer from hunger, thirst, homelessness, lack of medical care, and other tragedies, so they open their wallets. If you can tap those emotions through social media, you might experience a wave of support.
  • Spread the word: Ideally, you don't just want to reach one audience on social media. If you create content that people want to share, your audience can expand exponentially overnight as your followers share your posts with their audiences. It doesn't hurt to get an influencer on board, either.

Introduce Mass Texting

Text messages are often used by consumers to communicate with family and friends, but they can also serve as an effective means of communication between an organization and its audience. Mass texting lets you send targeted messages to people who might want to help your cause, whether they can donate money, send in-kind donations, or volunteer their time.

An effective mass texting campaign needs to include some way to capture attention. Use social media to let your audience know they can participate, but brand other online and offline media with the number to text, as well. Word of mouth can help spread your message, but don't depend on it alone.

Start an Email Campaign

Effective communication

Like mass texting, email marketing is a form of permission marketing, which means that your audiences has opted in to receive communications from your non-profit. You're less likely to experience unsubscribes and blacklisting if you approach email lists in a positive way.

Build your email list by advertising it on social media, through mass texting, and on your website. Let people know what they can expect to receive from you, such as updates on your efforts and shout-outs to specific donors. Get the community involved in a way that makes them feel as though they're on your team.

Effective communication often boils down to volume in the non-profit world. The more people you reach, the greater your return will become. Mass texting, social media, and email marketing are all excellent solutions. If you're ready to give mass texting a try, sign up for free with EZ Texting. We offer the most user-friendly, cost-effective solution available in today's marketplace.

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