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Brand Building with Business Texting

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September 15, 2022
Lauren Goldenberg
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Brand building is just as important for small businesses as it is for global enterprises. Dial it up and create a deep connection with your customers and clients using business texting.

“I consider texting my secret weapon, and any good agent should, too. It’s like Thor’s hammer, Wonder Woman’s lasso and Spiderman’s web shooters all rolled into one. When used right, it can be what sets you apart from the pack — what no other agent can mimic and take away from you,” proclaims Hassan Riggs, Founder and CEO of Smart Alto.

Branding, or your ‘signature story,’ is all the buzz in marketing circles. Why?

It’s an attention-grabber, immediately signaling to your audience what defines you and distinguishes you from competitors. It’s a memorable logo design. It’s engaging, value-driven content. It’s indelible. 

Or, as Vice Chairman of Prophet, David Aaker views it, “Brand stories are a hot topic… because they have been shown to be superior to facts in getting attention, being remembered, changing opinions, stimulating social activity, developing emotion and, curiously, communicating facts.”

Integrate SMS and MMS picture and video texting to deliver your message and nurture your customer relationships — and you can amplify the power of branding to the nth degree.

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I consider texting my secret weapon, and any good agent should, too. It’s like Thor’s hammer, Wonder Woman’s lasso and Spiderman’s web shooters all rolled into one. When used right, it can be what sets you apart from the pack — what no other agent can mimic and take away from you.

Hassan Riggs, Founder and CEO of Smart Alto 

Value Your Customers to Boost Brand Value

Like any kind of relationship, the best way to stand out to your customers is to show them how much they stand out to you. In a crowded marketplace, personal attention means everything. With 1-on-1 Chat, you never have to be more than a text message away from your clients. If the matter is urgent, you can be there. Swiftly and effectively — just as today’s consumers have come to expect. Give the clients what they want and this will translate into more conversions, sales, and stronger long-term business relationships (both with the original customer as well as referrals).

Hassan Riggs agrees: “Texting can offer busy agents and real estate pros a quick and easy way to provide these immediate responses, without taking up too much time or bogging down their workload.” In the high-stakes world of real estate, this can make all the difference between a sale or a lost commission.

But no matter whether you’re a realtor, the owner of a brick-and-mortar boutique or eCommerce shop, a restaurateur, or a travel agent — the idea is the same. “Your text conversations are unique to you, your customers, and the strong relationships you’ve built as a result. No other agent can touch that, no matter how big their ad budget is or how deep their experience may be,” Riggs added.


Brand Building via Reviews: Effortlessly Boost Your Social Proof

Yes, it’s true. Life is always a game of popularity. Depending on which school you went to, it may feel like football players and cheerleaders are almost always crowned King and Queen of the court.

But in business, it is often who amasses the most flattering reviews. Word of mouth is vital — but it’s a digital world we’re all living in. So be sure to optimize the praise written online.

When you make it easy for subscribers to share their opinions on customer service or store products, you make it more likelihood that you will receive that feedback. Text links to subscribers to share personal testimonials and reviews — either on your personal page or Yelp (or both) — and watch your business grow.

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Safety Is Always On Brand

Safety is valued by all customers, across all industries and all ages. So if your safety precautions (or lack thereof) are already lending your business a brand identity — make sure it’s the one with which you wish to be associated.

As founder and CEO of ProAct Safety Terry L. Mathis writes, “your safety program already has a brand. It’s up to you if you want to deliberately transition it from what it currently is to what it ideally could be.” In other words, your audience must “sense that the safety effort is sincere and practical. The brand must improve efforts, the efforts must improve results, and the results must be visible.”

Sage advice that can just as easily apply to Environmental Nonprofits and Government Agencies, seeking to secure the public with measured safety protocols... as it can to companies in the private sector. 

Compliancy is key for all industries — which is why EZ Texting proudly created SafeSTOP™ — the most comprehensive opt-out compliance tool in the text marketing industry.

But opt-out compliancy is only one tool in your safety belt toolkit. Healthcare Professionals must remain HIPAA compliant; Bar and Nightclub Owners can operate an Age Gate to ensure only those 21 subscribe; and Banking and Financial Executives will likewise want to assure clients of the most stringent safety protections for their money and personal information.


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