Celebrating Small Business Week

28 Apr
U.S. small businesses are thriving!

In fact, 2016 saw an all-time high of over 7.8 million small and medium-sized businesses in the United States. And while each of those businesses may be small, their collective voice -- and the contributions they make -- are enormous. During Small Business Week, we recognize and celebrate those contributions and the passions that drive them.

Small businesses and the communities they serve support each other. Communities clearly benefit from having local businesses that are invested in their wellbeing. And 95% of small businesses generate sales locally, with 60% confirming that selling directly to their communities is a key element to their success. It's win-win.

But no one said it's easy.

There's a lot that keeps small business owners up at night. Amid changing business regulations and rising costs, small businesses -- just like their larger counterparts -- need to consistently:
  • Attract new customers,
  • Maintain and grow their existing customers, and
  • Find and keep strong employees,
...and over half of small business owners indicated that these priorities are major sources of concern. And sleepless nights.

A robust communications strategy is key to conquering each of these.

Prospective customers need to understand the value of a business's products and services; existing customers need to know they're recognized and valued; and employees need to be kept in the loop with clear and transparent messaging.

All of these groups are inundated with daily messaging -- drowning in emails, distracted by phone calls. So how do the best performing small businesses cut through all that noise to really connect with their contacts?

Text messaging.

When is the last time you ignored or missed a text message? Exactly. Fully 99% of text messages are opened, compared to 22% of emails. If you're relying on email, you're missing out.

We've got you covered.

While we can't rein in the rising costs of doing business, we can set you up for success with the most cost-effective communications solution available. Want some help getting started? Our team of Client Success Managers can get you on the right path.

Less worry. More sleep.

So join us in celebrating Small Business Week from April 30 to May 6. Share your story! Inspire others! And be sure to check out the U.S. Small Business Administration's free small business-related webinars for helpful insights and tips.

Thank you for all that you do.
Source:  The Business Journals' "2017 SMB Insights"

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