How Colleges are Utilizing Text Alerts & Reminders in 2021

Establishing text alert systems for schools, colleges, and universities can keep students and staff safe.

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June 24, 2021
Lauren Goldenberg
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Is there anything more important than keeping your students and staff safe in emergency situations?

It’s also imperative to ensure that everyone remains informed as to other time-sensitive notifications like class cancellations, weather updates, and more.

Text alerts for colleges and universities are the simplest, most efficient, and most powerful communication channel to reach both students and staff — when it matters most. According to a study from Baylor University, students spent an average of 94.6 minutes a day texting. This figure is even more staggering when compared with other popular channels. Students only spend an average of 48.5 minutes a day on emails, 38.6 minutes a day on Facebook, 34.4 minutes on the internet, and listen to music just 26.9 minutes.

You don’t have to be majoring in statistics for the message to be clear: If you want to reach your students where they are, employ text alerts as a major form of communication and engagement.


Urgently Reach Students with Emergency Text Messaging

During urgent situations, communications need to be swift and well-received. With a 98% engagement rate, you can ensure a text message will be read in a timely fashion.

With a powerful alert system thanks to real-time alerts and push notifications, you can keep students and faculty better protected if ever the need strikes. With texting, you can send out messages to an entire campus, or just members of one class, in just a few clicks.

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It’s equally imperative that you create a communication channel for students to alert campus authorities to ongoing emergency situations. Post signage around campus and on social media channels to ensure that people know which Keyword to type in if they need help for any reason.


Send Time-Sensitive Notifications like Class Cancellations

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The sooner you can inform students and staff of cancellations — the better. Give them as much advanced knowledge of schedule changes. Broadcast important messages to everyone at once via a single text message.

During the pandemic, text messaging was an ideal way to ensure that everyone could stay up to speed with ever-changing regulations. As we open back up, there may still be some changing plans and procedures. With SMS prompts, you can continue to help inform the campus as developments arise.


College Text Alerts Inform Students of Important Weather Updates

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Severe snowstorms happen. So do major tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornados. Be prepared for when the weather suddenly gets less than sublime — and you need to cancel class.

Text inclement weather conditions with a system that is able to get the word out quickly.

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