Contactless Delivery: Safety, Convenience, Sales 

Contactless Delivery and Text
Contactless Delivery: Safety, Convenience, Sales 

“Walmart is contactless. Kohl’s is contactless. Even local liquor stores on the corner are going contactless", muses Chris Walton, CEO and Founder of Omni Talk. "It’s becoming retail’s version of a safe word, something every retailer has to have if it is to thrive.”

Retailers — brick-and-mortar, eComm, or a mix — can no longer afford to coast on well-honed business models. Procedures and expectations that were second nature just months ago can now be outdated at best and potentially harmful at worst — both to your financial bottom line and the health of your customers, staff, and yourself.

So What Now?

Entrepreneur John Assaraf once remarked that “If you’re interested, you’ll do what is convenient; if you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes.”

As a business owner or marketing strategist, it’s your priority to ensure that your company finds prosperity no matter the situation. In these tumultuous economic times, you must be firmly committed with focused energies and resources.

But consumers have more flexibility, their survival doesn't really hinge on loyalty to any particular brand. They’re merely “interested” and so are more vulnerable to momentary whims or defaulting to convenience.

It’s your job to keep their attention and their business. Right now, that means assuaging fears and offering the contactless shopping experiences that consumers want. Shoppers want something safer without sacrificing convenience while juggling remote work with remote schooling.

Convenience & Safety Are Always Best-Sellers

Necessity is the mother of invention, but convenience and safety are powerful driving motivators behind what sells in 2020. And long after coronavirus is a distant memory new retail policies that are enacted today will likely still be with us.

Once we have a taste of services that add convenience to our lives, we won’t want to part with this combo entirely. This means that whatever product you’re selling… from traditional retail and eCommerce to groceries, meal delivery plans, and even automobiles… texting and contactless delivery are prominent selling features that are here to stay.

Key Takeaways for Merging Text Messaging & Contactless Delivery Strategies to Boost Your Business

The times are changing. Here’s how can you move with them to stay ahead of the curve:

  • Is contactless delivery new to you? You can always test it out with outsourced delivery options before creating in-house practices. Depending on your industry, you can consider options like Door Dash, Uber Eats, Postmates, etc.
  • Add a contactless delivery (or curbside pickup) text notifications opt-in button at checkout to gather compliant contacts. 
  • Email your subscribers information on your latest safety procedures and delivery requirements (“Do not open doors for deliveries before the messenger departs.”) and follow up with a text to make sure your message is seen.
  • Enhance the value of contactless delivery’s convenience and safety with text messaging to stay connected (and top-of-mind) with your customers.
  • To boost brand loyalty, earn the trust of your customers. Text trackable links and updates so customers can remain aware of when items are dispatched and when they’re delivered.
  • Follow up delivery confirmation texts with a promotion for their next purchase.
  • Engage customers and staff with Text-to-Vote polls to determine what you can do to create a better experience for all.

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