The Critical Features of a Text Reminder Service for Business

20 Nov

Today, digital marketing and communication feels more and more intrusive — consumers are constantly being bothered with pesky email notifications, social media messages, advertisements, and more. Fortunately, there's a better way to send reminders to your digital contacts.

A text reminder service is a simple and easy to use tool that doesn't feel too invasive. In fact, a text reminder service takes advantage of the tool that consumers use most often — their phones. Recent data indicates that 98% of the U.S. population owns a mobile device capable of receiving SMS communications. Moreover, 68% of the U.S. population owns a smartphone.

In your search for a high-powered and results-driven text reminder service for business, prioritize the providers that offer the following features and functions.

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Top Text Reminder Service Features Every Provider Should Offer

Selecting the right text reminder service provider means everything for your business. Without a powerful SMS reminder tool, your business lacks the firepower it needs to deploy targeted and results-driven text messages. The best-of-the-best service providers should deliver the following text reminder service features:

Message Customization

The best text reminder services allow businesses to fully customize text messages. Users should be able to incorporate hyperlinks, keywords, and more. Additionally, most text reminder services provide easy-to-use personalization tokens. These personalization tokens allow businesses to craft messages that feel more authentic. For example, personalization tokens give businesses the ability to address text recipients by their names or other pertinent information. Try to think about it from the customer's perspective. Which reminder are you more likely to respond to — one that is addressed to "dear customer" or one that's addressed to your first and last name?

Automated Scheduling

Most text reminder services offer automated scheduling capabilities. This gives businesses the ability to schedule text reminders in advance. For example, if you work for a doctor's office, you might schedule and automate five, three, and one-month checkup reminders. This can help you dramatically reduce the amount of missed appointments. Let's face it — email and phone call reminders often go unchecked. With text messaging, simply select your contact, write the reminder, and schedule. The best part is, most text messages are opened within three minutes!


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Drip Campaigns

The best text reminder services allow businesses to build drip campaigns. In short, a drip campaign builds momentum around a reminder. products or services. Your audience might not be engaged right now, but a few drips later and they'll be glad to have received the reminder. Based on a set of parameters and intervals, you can decide how often you want recipients to receive your text messages. The idea here is simple — customize your text reminder campaigns by setting up keyword "triggers." A text reminder trigger indicates that the recipient is ready to receive the next message in the chain.

Here's an example:

1. Hello Joseph. Thanks for signing up for Dr. John's automated appointment reminder service. We see that you have an upcoming appointment scheduled for 01/10/19. Would you like to talk to a physician before your appointment? Reply 'YES' to speak to a physician.

2. Thanks Joseph. Before we call, what would you like to discuss? Reply 'BILLING', 'RESCHEDULE' or 'OTHER'.

3. Great! Our office staff will contact you shortly.


Finally, text reminder services should provide a powerful reporting dashboard. Tracking and reporting features allow you to gather valuable information and develop a deeper understanding of your target audience. View stats about texts sent, messages received, and contact counts. Find specific spikes in engagement, refine, and repeat — data is the key to creating measurable and repeatable text reminders!

Select the Right Text Reminder Service for Your Business

Finding the right text reminder service for your business means selecting those providers that offer top-of-the-line features. Additionally, prioritize those providers that understand your business's unique pain points, goals, and aspirations. There are hundreds of text reminder service providers to choose from — take your time, do your research, and find a partner that delivers the greatest value for your business!

EZ Texting has worked with more than 160,000 businesses worldwide. EZ Texting makes it super easy to send your first text reminder. The best part is, you don't need any special knowledge or technology to get started. In just five minutes, you can upload your contact list, craft high-powered text reminders, hit send, and analyze results — it's that easy! Additionally, our outstanding customer support teams are well-equipped to answer your questions or concerns. Let's get started!



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