The 2022 Cyber Monday Text Marketing Guide

‘Tis the season to be planning the very best Cyber Monday text strategy for your business.

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November 10, 2022
Lauren Goldenberg
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Shoppers already know that the best way to score all the huge bargains is to go all in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a serious, well-thought out plan. They’ll certainly be expecting you to up your game as well.

Text messaging cuts through all the holiday clutter and noise with unbeatable 98% open rates, with most texts read within minutes — or even seconds — of receipt.

Here are a few more reasons why text messaging is the most essential marketing channel around. With text marketing, you can quickly and impactfully reach your audience and…

  • Text subscribers notifications of ongoing sales the moment you roll them out
  • Deliver urgent SMS or MMS trackable coupons with links
  • Send automatic (and timely) reminders of abandoned carts
  • Generate extra interest with easy-to-communicate 1-on-1 Chat conversations and keep communication channels open
  • Easily respond to customers, answering questions and closing sales ASAP
  • Quickly remind shoppers an online store is ALWAYS open
  • Link shoppers straight to your website from the device they use most and are always carrying around with them: their mobile phones

The 2022 Cyber Monday Text Marketing Guide

Crush last year’s Cyber Monday revenue and drive sales goals even further by implementing our step-by-step strategy:


Prep Before Cyber Monday

Sure, Cyber Monday is just one day, but you can start planning early to make sure you get the most out of these important 24 hours.

1. Build a Marketing List

When you want to send targeted, tailored text messages out to leads—you’ll obviously need a list of folks to send your promos to.

Quickly grow an optimized database efficiently by using QR codes, Sign-Up Forms, and Keywords. But what is a Keyword, you may ask? Simply put, Keywords are a word or phrase that people can use to join your subscriber list. You’ve seen them in ads prompting you to text “CYBERMONDAY” or “JOIN” to a textable number. Here. “CYBERMONDAY” and “JOIN” are the Keywords.

Get the word out and advertise your Keywords via attention-grabbing in-store signage, website ads, social media posts, emails, TV/radio spots, billboards, and more. It’s a good rule of thumb to include your Keyword and SMS subscriber list in every type of advertisement.

Your subscribers will be opting in to your database for the holiday, but will be subscribed to all future SMS texts.

PRO TIP: Advertise that you will be offering all SMS subscribers a special VIP Promo for Cyber Monday — and you are sure to give your subscriber list an extra shot of adrenaline. Research shows that text promotions offer redemption rates of 70-80%. You can even easily measure the metrics of the coupon’s success by monitoring its trackable code.

2. Coordinate Your SMS Initiatives with Omnichannel Campaigns

Work your SMS strategies into social media, newsletter, and other campaigns. The synergy shouldn’t stop at inviting shoppers to join your Cyber Monday text message subscriber lists!

Weave SMS promos into ads and posts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and other social channels. Drive more interest by promoting a special deal for SMS.


Sample Phone Message

3. Continue Nurturing Customer Relationships

For subscribers that have newly joined your SMS list, welcome them in. Perhaps you can entice them with a smaller discount a few weeks before Cyber Monday. Or send them a text promising exclusive updates and deals that they can look forward to in the future.

You can also reward loyal customers who joined your SMS list months (or years) ago with a similar discount. Continuing the conversation and boosting sales before Cyber Monday will not only keep shoppers engaged before the big sale, but it will also keep them interested in deals you may offer them when the day is past. (Critical if you want to keep them interested all year long.)

Sample Phone Message

4. Encourage Advance Purchases & Beat the Holiday Rush

With concerns about shipments at an all time high, more shoppers than ever are rushing to get an early jumpstart on their holiday gifts.

Take advantage and send SMS alerts, reminding customers to act quickly or updating them on stock. Shoppers will likely forgo the huge Cyber Monday deals in favor of knowing they will have their gifts in time.

Sample Phone Message

5. Build Anticipation with Text Messaging

Get customers excited with VIP updates, links to exclusive gift guides, sneak peaks to the big sales you’ll have coming up, or even an advanced invite to the Cyber Monday sale for all SMS subscribers.

Cyber Monday


Sample Phone Message

1. Early Morning Wake-Up Call to Shop!

When the big day arrives, you want to keep shouting it from the SMS rooftop. Other businesses will be competing for your customer’s attention so clearly, you want to stay top-of-mind with shoppers.

Include an MMS image or video to generate extra attention with your early morning text prompt. A Cyber Monday text image has the benefit of being able to truly showcase your inventory so that customers are sure to find something they want.



Sample Phone Message

2. Build Urgency, Drive Sales

Yes, you may often use tried-and-true phrases like “limited-time” and “low inventory,” but deals on Cyber Monday are even more urgent.

Add time- or inventory-related trigger words to help motivate shoppers to heed your CTA immediately. Some other words and phrases you can include:

  • Today only!
  • Don't wait!
  • Act now!
  • Selling out fast!
  • Instant savings!
  • Limited number available!
  • Limited-time!
  • Hurry!
Sample Phone Message

3. Follow-Up Reminder Later that Day

Sending a Cyber Monday promo text is the fastest way to get the attention of shoppers — which is never more important than on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Remind busy shoppers that the clock is ticking on the sale to generate extra business.

Send at least one reminder on Monday, but you can also send them two if you like: one mid-day and one in the evening. You’ll likely see an uptick in sales each time you send.

After Cyber Monday

Sample Phone Message

Who says a good thing has to end? Keep driving sales through the holidays (and beyond) by sending shoppers more VIP promos.

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