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Discover 2022’s Essential Small Business Tool

Discover Essential Tool Featured Image
Discover 2022’s Essential Small Business Tool

After what can politely be called a 'challenging" year for many small businesses, hope is on the horizon as we enter 2022. “As Americans look for peace, ease and tranquility, researchers suggest brands should focus on consumer wellness in the New Year — delivering friction-free experiences, eliminating hassle and stress, and facilitating calm,” Larissa Faw wrote for an article in Media Post.

Make it a year of unprecedented growth by adding text to your marketing and communications strategies. Whether you’re new to using text communications for your business, or just new to all it can do, 2022 is the year to find out how text can help your business thrive.

See How Text Can Make the Difference to Your Small Business This Year

1. Text is Now Essential

There are certain essentials in business that you just can’t ignore. Just like most businesses couldn’t imagine working without a computer (whether at the traditional office, store, online shop, restaurant or WFH), texting is just as essential. 

2. Text as Ultimate Omnichannel Tool - Increase Email Open Rates by 30%

Whether you want to compliment your email campaigns — or direct mail, social media, TV spots, and more — texting is the ultimate tool to help you meet all your marketing needs. Connect with customers quicker, simpler, and more conveniently than ever with a quick push notification. Create engaging CTA campaigns that will reach them right where they are: their mobile phones.

3. How Text Can Help Your Small Business Thrive in 2022

As the most efficient marketing channel, texting can help deliver the best results for your marketing buck. Improve revenue streams, amplify brand identity, engage with clients, and streamline customer service via texting. Looking to up your game? 

4. Improving Your Customer Service With Text Messaging

Looking to maximize your impact this year? Of course you are! With just a few clicks, texting can help you boost your customer support plan, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline your support workflow. 

5. How One Simple Reminder Text Can Make Business Boom

No shows are expensive. Decrease missed appointments, remind shoppers to log back in or enter your store with coupon codes or sales reminders, generate extra buzz by sharing info on events or guest speakers, foster increased engagement with surveys, and more. Studies have found that appointment reminders can mitigate no-shows by 38%.

6. How Texted Alerts for Curbside Pickup Can Grow Your Business

Over 75% of customers now seek Curbside Pickup options to assuage safety concerns: a statistic likely to rise as the virus continues to spike Q1. Safe, fast, convenient, and often less costly than delivery — it also leaves less of a carbon footprint with fewer cardboard boxes to recycle. Text clients when orders are ready for pick-up and simplify a secure, no-touch payment process with SMS.

7. Boost Retail and Restaurant Business with Contactless Delivery

Our new retail realities have driven up the need for safe and convenient Contactless Delivery options. What’s worked as a key selling point for Jeff Bezos and Amazon all these years can also work for smaller, even local businesses. Communicate dispatch and delivery confirmations to customers, alert drivers with weather updates or traffic concerns, and more.

8. Use Text to Boost E-Commerce Sales & Elevate Customer Engagement

Ring up even more e-commerce sales with text messaging. Boost store and purchase reviews. Connect with shoppers and answer questions via 1-on-1 Chat. Entice shoppers more efficiently with texted promotions, which offer 70-80% redemption rates. Level this up with beautiful MMS images for even more interest.

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After what can politely be called a 'challenging" year for many small businesses, hope is on the horizon as we enter 2022. “As Americans look for...

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