Don't Let Your Marketing Texts Become an Autocorrect Fail

06 Nov

Oh dear: now you've done it. Your marketing text has gone viral, and it isn't in a good way. Your accidental spelling mistake, autocorrect, or grammatical fail can impact your company in a big way or a small one. Spelling errors can be a turnoff to customers, making them view you as less than professional. How can you ensure that your marketing texts are error-free? 

Avoiding Embarrassment 101

In general, you want your school, your church, your nonprofit, or your business to avoid sending out indecent text messages. However, this can happen if you don't watch your texts. 

The key to prevention? Planning. Once you send a message, there's nothing you can do about your error. 

  • Plan what you're going to say. Don't text in a rush.
  • Watch your autocorrects, especially when you're texting a word that is very close to another word. According to CTV News, a woman who bought a Cadillac SRX sent an unfortunate thank you text to the seller in which SRX autocorrected to a different word.
  • Take some time between drafting a marketing text and sending it. Proofread after that time has elapsed. According to Grammar Check, "if you take a small break, it will be easier for you to point out the mistakes that may occur."
  • Try saying your text out loud. It can help you find problems in the text. 
  • Read your text before you send it and ask others to do the same. 

Yes, this might seem like a lot of work for 160 characters, but it's far better to invest the time beforehand than to have to backpedal on a text that is incorrect or even offensive.

Marketing texts

Get Your Message Across 

In addition to autocorrects and spelling errors, your message may be grammatically incorrect, misleading, or confusing. For example, if you make an offer to your customers, but they're not really sure what they're getting if they text you, they will be far less likely to text. Get someone outside your business who is not familiar with your jargon to read the text before you send it.

Get Your Dates Right 

You want to invite everyone to a store opening. However, you keep on autocorrecting to today's date. Before you send a text with a date or time, make sure that you have the correct dates and times in the text. It seems simple, but sometimes autocorrect can be your worst enemy instead of your best friend.

Look at Spelling Alternatives 

Before you choose a word to text for your marketing campaign, try it in a number of phones and see what might come up in your customers' autocorrect. For example, when Denny's offered a Diner Perks program, many phones recognized the word Denny's and autocorrected Dennys to Denny's. This meant that people texted in the incorrect word, and it impacted the restaurant's marketing campaign. Make sure that when you select a keyword, you either choose one that won't autocorrect easily or choose multiple versions of the keyword, including the autocorrect version. 

At EZ Texting, we offer a system for marketing texts that will improve your ability to connect with your customers in a professional way. Connect with us about your text marketing needs and sign up for free today.

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