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Don't Miss a Perfect Recruit: Personalize the Hiring Process with SMS

Don't Miss a Perfect Recruit: Personalize the Hiring Process with SMS

“Often, the mavericks who've skipped the box-ticking in life are the ones we're seeking.”

So explains Dawn Graham — a highly sought-after career coach, author, and one-time recruiter — for her article in Forbes.

And it’s true, isn’t it? It’s the risk-takers in life — the out-of-the-checkbox thinkers and road-less-taken adventurers, with unique (perhaps even renegade) backgrounds who typically generate the most creative solutions with the most visionary talent.

They’re the Steve Jobs of the world, the people you want at your company — typically inspiring, illuminating, and successfully pushing the envelope. They’re different, they stand out — and they’ll make your company stand out as well.

Why Does Potential Get Overlooked?

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized our world and the way we do business in countless wonderful ways. But when recruitment and the hiring process has gone full AI, things can begin to feel a bit… well, artificial.

It’s no mystery as to why companies are tempted by these technologies (whether hiring is tasked to an outside staffing agency, an in-house HR department, or even the boss of an exciting start-up). Platforms can attract a stratospheric amount of applicants with promises to (supposedly) match the most relevant skill sets with the job opportunity while winnowing down applicants in need of various qualifiers. Indeed, AI gives businesses what often interests them most: extra time and money.

Clearly, we’re accustomed to (and appreciative of) modern tech streamlining our lives and increasing productivity. However, as Graham points out, “a robot is still unable to analyze intangibles such as if a candidate will be a fit for the culture, or if the candidate's career story demonstrates the type of motivation and curiosity that will make him [or clearly, her] a high-potential.”

She further admits, “The argument can be made that many humans aren't well-trained at assessing these qualities either, so there's work to be done.”

How Is The Recruitment System Broken?

By prioritizing quantity over quality in seeking to fill recruiting funnels, employers and recruiters sometimes rush by the candidate with the most to offer.

In the not soooo distant past — the 50s, 60s, 70s — employment was an entirely different landscape. Many professionals stayed at their job their entire careers, counting upon higher-ups to recognize their talents and create new opportunities and challenges that would help them leapfrog up the corporate ladder. Lifetime hires and internal growth kept the focus on staffed employees.

For many, the model has changed. Firms now spend exorbitant sums of money addressing either newly minted roles for expanding businesses (thanks in part to the rise of entrepreneurship) or as is often the case, hiring replacements. A report from the Society of Human Resource Management found that companies spend 42 days and $4,129 per hire. That’s on average. Even an $8/hour employee can cost about $3,500. Turnover is generally high across the workforce so this routine gets repeated. Again and again.

Why Should You Reenergize Your Hiring Methods?

Looking for work is a full-time job. Job seekers scour scores of job sites and social networks looking for new opportunities — from LinkedIn to Twitter to personal Facebook connections and groups. They submit meticulously curated resumes and cover letters, take assessments, complete video bios, acquire references, fill out potentially lengthy forms, determine who (if any) in their networking circle may be connected to the employer, and prepare samples of their work — just to get their foot in the door for initial interviews.

Graham cautions that, “We need to put in the work, too. Candidates who may not work out for one role may be perfect for another.” This is particularly true for recruiters and companies with a vast staff.

With over 20,000 staffing and recruiting agencies in the U.S. alone, competition is fierce to land clients and represent the best talent (which in turn retains clients).

Matt Lowney, EVP for talent and operations at The Buntin Group shared that he “will absolutely select a staffing vendor based on the depth of their recruiting process.” The advertising exec adds that “a good agency will have a relationship with candidates that makes a difference and causes them to engage with our opportunity. If the agency can do that and I can’t, it’s well worth the money.”

Employ SMS to Engage With Applicants & Personalize The Process

Humanize the whole operation and stay connected and engaged to build the best team for your company. A few tips on how SMS can help you best achieve success:

  • The better a recruiter gets to know candidates’ various skill sets — the better they will understand how to appropriately pitch them. This goes double for getting to know what clients truly need.
  • Nurture relationships with texting. Seamlessly communicate with applicants via 1-on-1 Chat to streamline the process.
  • Text real-time alerts for jobs to fill ASAP. Emails can languish and job opportunities are timely.
  • Discretion is often appreciated. Some job seekers may wish to keep their job hunt on the DL — particularly if they’re looking to leave their job. They may not readily be able to check personal emails or chat with recruiters on the phone. Texting is the safest bet.

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Don't Miss a Perfect Recruit: Personalize the Hiring Process with SMS

“Often, the mavericks who've skipped the box-ticking in life are the ones we're seeking.” So explains Dawn Graham — a highly sought-after career coach...
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