The Easiest Way to Add a Link to Text From Your Site

The Easiest Way to Add a Link to Text From Your Site

Ever wondered how to add an SMS link to your website using basic HTML? It’s easier than you think. You’ve likely seen competitors who offer customers the option to Send Us an Email on their Contact Us page. If you click on the text link, it opens a new message in your email client. You can do the same with HTML code for sending an SMS to a mobile phone. 

We’ll show you how to create an HTML text message link that opens the customer’s mobile phone SMS texting app. You can even pre-populate the text message with your textable number and text message copy. 

All you need is access to your business website. If your site uses a CMS like Wordpress, just click on the button in the text editor that allows you to edit the html on a page. Decide what you want the clickable text link to say; for example, Text Us Now or Send Us a Text. Get the step-by-step guide for how to add an SMS link using HTML

If you don’t already have a textable number or a text-enabled landline, you’ll want to get one now. Call (877) 976-3669 to text enable your landline, or sign in to your EZ Texting account and get your own 10-digit textable number. The benefits are innumerable. 

Two-way text messaging with your contacts is the best way to get them the information and answers they need, right away, without having to return phone calls or review helpdesk tickets. You’ll need a 10-digit textable phone number to include in the HTML text message link.

With EZ Texting’s Chat feature, you can easily improve your customer service by being able to receive and respond to individual text messages. In fact, your customers may already be trying to text you, but they can’t get through. Sign up now for 1:1 messaging, and start communicating with your clients the way they want to talk to you.