The Easiest Way for Retailers to Send Text Reminders to Customers

Text Reminders for Retailers
The Easiest Way for Retailers to Send Text Reminders to Customers

Customer delight. It's the key to customer retention and getting referrals. columnist Matt Ehrlichman says "Delighting customers is about more than just meeting their needs in the moment. It's about building authentic relationships that stand the test of time." He lists "Always be timely" and "Give customers little things when they don't expect it" as two key components to achieve customer delight.

Sending text reminders to customers is one of the most-used features of text message marketing software and a fantastic way to accomplish both of those components. Being smart about the timing of your reminders and creative about those little, unexpected things you include in them can set your retail business apart from the crowd and help you build "authentic relationships that stand the test of time."

Text reminders for retail work and they're easy to set up, so don't put this action item off for another day. We'll show you how to get it done.


How to Send Text Reminders to Customers for Retail Success

Did you know that more than 90% of people read a text message within the first three minutes of receiving it? Text message marketing is, by far, the best channel to use to make sure that your contacts read the message when you want them to read it.

As you build your reminder campaigns, you can have the confidence that SMS marketing is the right channel to achieve Ehrlichman's "Always be timely" guideline for customer delight.

4 Delightful Reminder Campaigns Other Retailers Are Using

For over a decade, we've helped thousands of companies exceed their marketing goals through bulk text messaging. During that time, we've seen some very successful retailers use the following reminder campaigns to delight their customers and boost revenue.

1. Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are an obvious opportunity to offer your customers a timely gift, but how do you get birth date information to fill out your contact database? One way is to use birthday gifts as an incentive to join your text message marketing list. Advertise "Get $5 off on your birthday! Text 'BIRTHDAYS' to 474747 to opt-in." Then follow up with a reply to get their birthday and enter it into your records.

Creative retail marketers have also found ways to get the birth dates of immediate family members so that they can send reminders for those sales opportunities as well. They send Mom a reminder text a week before her daughter's birthday: "Looking for a birthday gift for [DAUGHTER'S NAME]? Check out our new [COLLECTION NAME] collection and take 10% off your order this week."

2. Sale and Event Reminders

Sales, holidays, and events are great times to turn one-time purchase customers into repeat buyers. One way text reminders can help make your multi-day sales events a success is to stagger the reminder texts so that you don't get a flood of customers at the same time. Your staff and customers will appreciate it!

3. Reorder Reminders

Customers get frustrated when their supplies run out. They'll appreciate being reminded to restock or replace before that time comes. If you don't already know how often your customers replace products, one easy way to determine that interval is to use text polling. Send out a text message poll asking how often they purchase products.

You will probably need to have a developer customize an integration with your text message software via API to automate reorder reminders based on the interval after purchase. But the timely power of reorder text reminders can easily boost sales enough to cover that cost in a very short period.

4. Customer Anniversaries

Remember Ehrlichman's statement that customer delight is about building relationships that will stand the test of time? Acknowledging the anniversaries of your customer's first purchase is a wonderful way to remind contacts that they've been delighted with your company for a long time. This is an opportunity to build goodwill with customers without asking for a purchase. "[FIRST NAME], as of today, you've been our customer for [X] years. We just wanted to say thanks!"

How To Send Text Reminders

Setting up text reminder campaigns to customers is a simple, four-step process.

First, select the number which will appear on the recipient's phone as the Caller ID. This is usually the shared short code you would normally use to send text campaigns.

Next, name your reminder campaign. Include the type of reminder it is, and make sure the name will be easily recognizable by other members of your team.

Then create your message. Make sure to use the personalization features of your text message marketing software to include names, dates, products, etc.

Finally, schedule your messages to go out on the same date for all contacts or dates which are relative to each contact. Reminder campaigns can go out one time or can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Beyond Text Reminder Campaigns

Text reminder campaigns can deliver a big boost to your retail business and help you achieve the customer delight which will solidify your current revenue stream and grow it to new heights.

But there are a lot more text message marketing strategies which can unlock return business. Have you considered sending mobile coupons to your contact list?

Offering mobile coupons is a great way to get foot traffic to your store or virtual traffic to your website. But, what kind of coupon will get them to take action? We put together a free, downloadable resource to help you get the most out of text message mobile couponing. Download our eBook 4 Types of Mobile Coupons to Use in Your SMS Marketing Campaigns to learn how to:

  • Use free gifts to attract attention
  • Offer the right discount percentage
  • Make the most of BOGO promotions

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