Is Email Marketing Dead? What to Know in 2019

12 Apr

By the looks of our inboxes each morning, it seems like email marketing is alive and flourishing, but does more mean it's an effective channel? It doesn't, but so far the solution to email's low engagement rate of about 2.5%, which is determined by the number of people that opened and then clicked on a call to action, has been to send more emails.

In this video, we'll explore the state of email marketing in 2019, and what you should be expecting from a marketing channel. 

Many marketers don't realize that they have another option that also gets their message right in front of an audience that's set up to shop or make appointments online — the mobile market. Text marketing isn't just about blasting out a mass text any more. The best business texting platforms offer a variety of campaigns that can be automated, like drip campaigns, SMS types that increase engagement, like polls and surveys, and templates and the ability to send image (MMS) messages.

Don't just stop there — other emerging marketing trends that are predicted to pay off are chatbots, influencer and affiliate marketing, mcommerce (i.e. mobile commerce), optimizing for voice search and for Google's Featured Snippets. Our message is that email marketing can be useful as one slice of your marketing stack, especially in the B2B space, but with 93% of B2B marketers using email to broadcast their messages, you're going to need to distance yourself from the pack. Consider this: If your intention is to delight and engage your customer, promotional emails aren't doing it. Research indicates a very low 8% satisfaction rate among consumers receiving marketing emails.

Think about the profile of your customer, and more likely than not they will have a mobile device, but maybe not a smartphone or a recently updated one. That means that the sites and product pages that your emails are linking to could be loading very slowly whereas a text message requires little bandwidth to receive and a text message app is the most used mobile app. Also consider spending marketing efforts maintaining your business's listing and reviews on sites like Yelp and Google My Business that are more mobile friendly and easily searchable. 

Tell us in the YouTube comments section whether or not you agree and what your experience with email marketing has been like!

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