Is Email Marketing On Its Way Out?

06 Sep

Every other week, someone claims that a form of marketing is "dead." You hear it about blogging, Facebook, and even email marketing.

But is the latter on its way out? Not necessarily. Let's explore your marketing options so you can decide whether email marketing will work for your business.

By the Numbers

Here at EZ Texting, we're a big fan of numbers. Businesses should make decisions based on hard facts — not wild hunches. So what do the numbers say about email marketing?

According to Adobe, average email marketing open rates range from 20 to 30 percent. That might sound like an impressive number. It means that, if you send emails to 10,000 people, between 2,000 and 3,000 people will open them. Not too shabby.

However, Adobe also reveals that open rates for SMS marketing hover at about 98 percent. That's a pretty significant difference.

If you send 10,000 SMS messages, you'll reach 9,800 people.

We like that number a lot better.

Think about how you use your smartphone. It's likely in your pocket, purse, or hand all day long. You reach for it the moment you hear a notification alerting you to an incoming message.

Maybe the message is from a friend, a colleague, or your favorite neighborhood business. Who knows?

People know that SMS marketing doesn't result in long-winded paragraphs or potentially dodgy attachments. They like hearing from the businesses they patronize.

Myth Versus Fact

The internet is constantly abuzz with the grinding sound of the rumor mill. You can't always believe what you read.

Our customers send out thousands of SMS marketing messages every day. We're familiar with open rates, conversion rates, and other data that can inform a business's marketing efforts.

So let's dispel a few myths about email and SMS marketing.

Myth: My customers won't sign up for SMS because they don't have smartphones.

Fact: We hear this a lot. The truth is that smartphone usage continues to grow among all generations, so even if your target customers are members of the Greatest Generation, you're still likely to reach them via SMS. In fact, according to Pew Research, 92 percent of smartphone users over age 50 use their phones for text messages.

Myth: My customers need smartphones to receive SMS messages.

Fact: Nearly all mobile phones can receive SMS messages. Even if your customers still rock a flip phone or the once-regaled Razr, you can target them with SMS marketing.

Myth: Open rates are vanity metrics.

Fact: Don't discount open rates as a simple vanity metric. When customers read your emails or SMS messages, they're actively engaged with your brand. That means something. At the very least, they're brand-aware, which means that they're moving down the sales funnel.

Myth: You have to choose one or the other.

Fact: Are you getting great ROI from your email marketing? Wonderful! That doesn't mean you shouldn't start an SMS marketing campaign, too. Integrating your email and SMS marketing campaigns can boost your ROI even further and bring on new customers.

Is email marketing on its way out? Probably not. Since people still have email addresses, we can assume that marketers will continue to target this medium. However, we also know that SMS marketing offers better open rates and more user engagement.

In fact, you can find out for yourself — no risk involved. Sign up for free to discover the power behind EZ Texting.

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