Enhance the Power of EZ Texting with our Mailchimp Integration

Wed Text and Email with the EZ Texting and Mailchimp Integration
Enhance the Power of EZ Texting with our Mailchimp Integration

Ideal for SMB’s in sales and marketing, Mailchimp amplifies multi-channel campaigns and boosts engagement and outreach with customers and leads.

Integrated cross-channel campaigns are the major trend in marketing these days. Why? Because advertising isn’t always a one size fits all. Various channels can target subscribers and inspire engagement quite differently.

Text marketing is an incredibly valuable channel for delivering instant, real-time alerts, notifications, and reminders… which you know will get read, thanks to its 98% engagement rate. But email marketing remains a powerful and ubiquitous tool. Even better? Using SMS and MMS text marketing efforts in unison with email.

Below, we share our pro tips for how to maximize our integration with Mailchimp.

Key Benefits of Leveraging an Omnichannel Campaign with Email & Texting:

1. Help Drive New Business & Market to Existing Customers

Grow your reach by combining the power of texts and email. When used together, they can create an even more impressive and cohesive marketing tool. You’ll increase customer loyalty by delivering an enhanced customer experience. 

Emails are always more effective when they’re followed up with a text. For example, if an email isn’t read in time, it won’t help alert anyone of an urgent, potentially life-saving emergency (ie police activity, any sudden weather conditions, school or road closures,  or other concern). But when sent with a text, which delivers an instant ping notification —  subscribers will be nearly certain to see the advisory and act in time.

While text messaging is the leading channel for customer engagement (with 98% open rates, the majority of which are read within minutes of receipt) — emails can help to balance out text’s shorter messaging options. For example, retailers can text customers an update on new Contactless Delivery or Curbside Pickup options, and then follow up with email that offers more detail. 

Additionally, because texting is so immediate and adds a level of importance, a little can go a long way. No one wants to receive a constant ping alert. Emails can be used to fill in the blanks for when you want to gently deliver a message or second or third reminder.

The truth is, there is no single channel that will work for each individual subscriber. It’s best if you can maximize marketing outreach by using a variety of platforms so you can enhance your ability to connect with everyone.

Reach your audience throughout each step of the customer journey by sending the right message, at the right time, to the right recipient. 

2. Improve Productivity & Save Time

Share information, amplify your communication efforts, and centralize data. Reduce inefficiencies by keeping everything in one hub and easily accessible with a single click.

Both texting and email campaigns offer detailed metrics and data that you can use to inform future strategies. Determine which campaigns are successful, which may need a boost, and which perhaps should either be dropped or reconsidered altogether.

By centralizing data, you’ll keep this information easily accessible and will better be able to analyze the metrics. Synergy between platforms is mission-critical to optimizing your plans.

3. Enjoy a Seamless Set-up

Quickly and automatically sync phone numbers, emails, and other contact details between the two platforms. In just a few clicks, you can easily connect your EZ Texting account with Mailchimp. We show you how with this step-by-step guide that doesn't require any additional tech training. We also have 24-7 customer support and insightful tutorials, should you ever have any questions or need to troubleshoot.

  • Embedded Form: Our system will generate a customized HTML sign up form. Add it directly to your website's sidebar, footer, or landing page. Capture email and phone numbers or any other details to grow your reach.
  • Shareable Link: Post a link to your sign up form across all digital channels, including social media and email campaigns and capture text and email opt-ins. The more information you collect the more customization you can add to your marketing campaigns.
  • Grow Your Mailchimp List by Capturing Emails Via Text Message: EZ Texting allows you to collect email addresses from your audiences from your audience using text messages. Simply send out a text to capture emails.
  • Use Mailchimp Forms to Collect Mobile Phone Numbers: Add a field for phone numbers to your existing Mailchimp sign-up form.

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